The all-new Cadillac CTS made its Japanese debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. Next to it, GM also presented the recently facelifted Saab New 9-3, the Corvette Convertible and the right-hand-drive Hummer H3.

The new CTS features outstanding driving performance and excellent exterior design at the show. The new CTS underwent a full redesign based on the “Pursuit” concept of the Cadillac Product Renaissance, Phase 2. Fitted with newly developed chassis and engine, its already well-established driving performance has been sophisticated further, while its comfort and safety levels have been significantly enhanced as well. Sporting all these features, the CTS will make a debut as the next-generation premium luxury sedan in Japan.


  • CTS 2.8 ¥4,950,000
  • CTS 3.6 ¥6,200,000


2008 Cadillac CTS makes Japan debut
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From the Chevrolet brand, GM will showcase the Corvette Convertible, touted as an American sports car icon. The 2008 Corvette carries a new V8 engine upgraded to 6.2 liters, featuring partial design changes to several parts, including the wheels. This model is guaranteed to make GM’s booth gorgeous and yet sporty and is definitely one of the models that should not be missed at this year’s show.


  • Corvette Coupe (6MT) ¥7,130,000
  • Corvette Coupe (6AT) ¥7,550,000
  • Corvette Convertible ¥8,750,000
  • Corvette Z06 ¥9,850,000



From GM’s European premium brand Saab, the 2008 Saab 9-3 will be presented. In order to call attention to this model’s even more enhanced sport performance from the predecessor and design feature, a facelift was given to the car’s front, door panels and rear. Of particular note is its front view: The three-hole grille inspired by the Aero X, which won the Concept Car of the Year at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, and Saab’s signature design feature “clamshell” hood highlight its individuality even further.

2008 Cadillac CTS makes Japan debut
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Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan  

  • Linear ¥3,680,000
  • Vector ¥4,500,000
  • Aero ¥5,560,000

Saab 9-3 Sport Estate  

  • Linear ¥3,880,000
  • Vector ¥4,700,000
  • Aero ¥5,760,000
  • Saab 9-3 Cabriolet  
  • Vector ¥6,540,000



The Hummer is garnering growing popularity as a unique vehicle brand here in Japan as well. It is a model boasting of aggressive styling and amazing off-road driving performance. This time around, a long-awaited right-hand-drive model will be on display. In addition, please be informed that the Hummer H3 will be imported by General Motors Asia Pacific Japan starting with its 2008 models.

2008 Cadillac CTS makes Japan debut
- image 208612


  • HUMMER H3 (MT) ¥4,960,000
  • HUMMER H3 (AT) ¥5,210,000
  • H3 Luxury ¥5,994,000
  • H3 Adventure ¥6,224,000
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