2008 Mitsubishi Evo X Spy Shots

Mitsubishi’s Concept-X, which the company unveiled at the Frankfurt show last year (and in a more refined form later at the Tokyo show), basically gave away the plotline of the next-generation Evo sports coupe. But here are the first pictures of an Evo X mule running at speed at the Nürburgring in Germany.

The new Evo X will share a platform with the new Dodge Caliber, Mitsubishi’s Outlander and Chrysler’s next-generation PT Cruiser.

With over 300 horsepower, the Evo X will be powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged MIVEC 2.0-liter engine, mated to a six-speed clutchless transmission. Other features include steering-wheel paddle-shift controls, and an improved AWD system.

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  (6023) posted on 09.25.2006

I think Top Speed.com has the best concept and prototype coverage by far.
Hoever one vehicle totally hidden from the public during prototype development and is the 2008 or 2009 Nissan Maxima. The vehicle is scheduled for a total re-design. I think Nissan has a knack for hiding vehicles better than other car manufacturers.
Sorry, but I don’t care for the current Maxima models (looks too much like a bloated Altima).
Thanks for your help

  (6023) posted on 07.15.2006

i like that it looks like a 9 or 8 in these pictures. but i actually would rather take a 8 or 9 over this new evo. Taking out the clutch is not a smart thing. having a clutch is what makes the difference between a stick shift car and an automatic car. plus you can have more fun playing with the clutch. all in all... i am really dissappointed with mitsubishi in the making of this new evo. i hope the Evo XI looks better and is better than this Evo X.
sorry if you all think im crazy for saying that. smiley

  (6023) posted on 03.22.2006

Well that looks are a hell of alot better than the other concept, it looks more like the evos of today. One thing i dont car for is the paddle-shifter with no clutch. Willn’t there be some slip in that? I don’t think they should do away with the clutch but i do like the 6 speed in the car they should of had done that in the 06 Evo’s and not just the Mr’s.

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