I dare you to name one 2008 model that doesn’t offer bluetooth, at least as an option. The latest report from TRG (Telemantics Research Group inc.) which tracks automotive gizmos predict a very exciting year to come for all gadget addicts out there.

“Hands-free phone operation with voice recognition is becoming a must have in all segments of the auto industry,” says Phil Magney, co-founder and principal analyst at Telematics Research Group (TRG).

A survey of 100 upcoming 2008 models shows nearly 70% of the models for
sale in North America will offer a voice-activated Bluetooth interface for
hands-free phone operation. iPod, auxiliary input and flash memory interfaces are on most new models with 50% and 90% availability. USB will be offered on nearly 20% of new models.

Look at BMW iDrive technology. Introduced 5 years ago on the high end 7 series, it worked its way down to all models and even the new upcoming BMW 1 series will have some kind of iDrive system to control the army of on board infotainment and driver assist.

2008 models to be more connected than ever
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Source: Telematic Reseach group

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