Although the Shelby GT500KR is no ordinary car, Ford decided to update the car for 2008 with a new carbon fiber hood. The hood represents a premiere for the producion vehicles manufactured by Ford or Shelby. With the new hood the car looks mean but according to Ford :“It’s there purely for performance. It brings important aerodynamic and weight-reduction benefits that translate into enhanced performance for our new King of the Road”.

2008 Shelby GT500KR receives carbon fiber update
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With the new hood the Shelby has almost 40 hp more comparing to the standard GT500. The carbon fiber hood also helps improving the aerodynamics of the car due to the fact that it creates two pressure regions by scooping fresh air into the intake and sucking hot air out of the back. In this way the engine’s temperature helps the intercooler work more efficiently and obtain better performances.

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AK47  (1024) posted on 05.1.2008

How fast does this car go? I read somewhere that the 400hp version ran 4.5’s and had a electronically limited top speed of 155mph. If that is true why is one guy comparing it to the GT-R?
The shape looks great but with 540hp, it will do what? 4.2?

Rod  (825) posted on 05.1.2008

I don’t care is the Z06 is faster or spank this Shelby all I know is that I want this Shelby GT500KR.

Rod  (6) posted on 04.30.2008

dude 2007 ZO6 will spank this piece of ........

Rod  (825) posted on 04.30.2008

I want this Shelby GT500KR.

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