Rolls Royce will develop a new model that will be priced between $250.000 and $300.000. The new model will be unveiled after the new BMW 7-Series will debut in 2008 and will go on sale in 2009.

The new model will be powered by the BMW’s 6.0-liter V12 engine and will deliver arround 500 hp. The design is expected to be more modern comparing to the Phantom.

A number of 2000 will be delivered in 2009.

2009 Baby Rolls-Royce
- image 140260
Rolls Royce Phantom
2009 Baby Rolls-Royce
- image 140178
Baby Rolls drawing
2009 Baby Rolls-Royce
- image 140258
baby RollsRoyce
2009 Baby Rolls-Royce
- image 140259
Chrisler IMPERIAL concept

Source: AutoMotorUndSport

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  (35) posted on 01.18.2007

I love the looks of this "baby" RollsRoyce. With the BMW V12 included, it’ll sound great to go along with its excellent looks. I like how the suicide door setup is gone with this model because it makes it seem smaller and less "saloony".

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