With the internal codename "F10", the next-generation BMW 5 is already under development. The sixth generation will come in 2009 as a four-door sedan (wagon in 2010). The current model range has been on the market since 2003, and it is now regarded as one of BMW’s finest and most innovative models. The next generation 5-Series will grow in overall length, by extending the wheelbase nearly 3 inches and widening the track, so will be bigger then the actual one.

The new model will also get bigger wheels too. A set of 17-inch wheels will be the smallest available with 18-inch and 19-inch wheels optional.

Due to the wider track and lower height the all new styling of the new 5-Series will make it look almost like a coupe, but the lines will be soften.

New European pedestrian safety standards are expected to drastically alter the design of many European cars for the worse, but BMW will not only maintain its classic twin-kidney grille design, it will reduce the length of the front overhang.

More exotic body materials help make the standard car a bit lighter than its predecessor—but there are plenty of new optional add-ons to cancel out the weight savings. Among them are active rear-suspension kinematics, xDrive all-wheel drive with active torque split, stability-enhancing active yaw control, and the next-generation electronic damper control system.

Two new auto/manual hybrids are planned, among the existing transmisions.

One is a faster-shifting evolution of the current SMG(sequential manual found in today’s M5) and the other is a dual-clutch automatic.

Under the hood this 5 Series is expected to use a large choice of 6 petrol engines (ranging from 2.5 litre 218hp to 4.4 litre V8 biturbo 408hp) and four diesels (ranging from 2.0 litre 175hp to 3.0 litre 300hp).

Also in the works is a more powerful version of the M5’s 5.0-liter V10.

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