The most obvious difference between this conceptual 2009 7 Series and the current version is the shape of the rear end. Forget the old Bangle Butt, as it was so callously called, this 7’s tail section will have a much smoother design that better integrates into the car’s overall lines. Although the face of the ’09 7 Series does not look dramatically different from that of the ’06 model, it appears that BMW will likely replace the current semi-rectangular headlamps with a more elliptically shaped set. The taillamps also appear to have been altered in keeping with the vehicle’s slimmed-down rear end.

As conservative as the ’09 7 Series appears on the surface, this next-generation version of the vehicle is expected to house the sort of progressive features beneath its skin that BMW loves. The cabin will likely feature a wider range of electronic systems with a more user-friendly layout than that of the 2006 7 Series. The clunky iDrive system will stay, but it will get yet another revision for better usability.

The test car – although using major components from the current model – is already featuring a completely new front end similar to the 6-Series styling. It’s clear the current model’s extravagant design will be toned down for the new one in order to avoid the harsh criticism received upon the introduction of the current 7-Series in 2002.

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  (6023) posted on 03.28.2008

I will most probably sell or trade in my 2002 BMW 530i with the new 740il, however, all the BMW models that are the same year as my 5-Series are all nicer except for the X-5.

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