While looking at this latest spy shots and making a side-by-side comparison I have come to a very disappointing conclusion: the 2009 Z4 will only be a sportier open-top version of the newly launched 7-Series. Same headlamps and tail-lamps, same front-grille and kidneys, generally same front-end design. And even if I don’t like being wrong, I really hope this time I will. Z4 is one of my favorite cars, and the latest generation 7-Series is nothing but a big disappointment.

Well, I think we’ll need to wait for the Los Angeles Auto Show to find out, no?


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  (1) posted on 09.15.2008

no m8 Mercedes legend speacily the sl 65 black series

AK47  (1024) posted on 09.14.2008

Why buy a BMW when you can get a Audi?

I know, completely off topic. Just thought I’d lighten the mood.

AK47  (7) posted on 09.13.2008

Your way off. This car is gonna be hot. I think your blind, if you really think this is a 7-series convertible. I think you need to lay of the drugs. You should not ever voice your opinion about anything again, your just making the world more stupid.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 09.12.2008

I think your wrong because well no duh this thing only has 2 doors nonethless it only fits 2 people and besides if you look a the back it looks like an M6 but I hate to see the one sided pipe cant wait to see the m coupe

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