The guys over at BMW Blog were able to get a scan of a brochure image of the new Z4. For this we can see just how much of an improvement the car will be over the previous model. Yes, the retractable hardtop may add more weight, and it still carries odd bumps and bulges. But now a lot of the styling is smoothed out to go from awkwardly aggressive to just plain aggressive.

We haven’t yet seen a perfect image of the Z4. The one above is a little distorted from the scan and the spy shot from the movie set had a few people in the way. We may just have to wait all the way until December 15th to get a full image.


Source: BMW Blog

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pdaix  (431) posted on 12.5.2008

The previous edition was ver ’chris bangle’ but I loved it. And it seems they did it again and it looks even more refined now. Note it is a little bigger most likely to leave room for their future Z2 mini roadster.

The Z4 Finally really look a $40k car!

Chachmin  (17) posted on 12.5.2008

Absolutely agree with Alina and Myles - the design is getting more smoothy, following BMW’s solutions reflected in the new 7-series. Fortunately, this time it doesn’t look so "Japanese"...
After all, changes were inevitable (the whole idea, you know, was born in 1992). But, done this way, they only contribute to the sporty image of the roadster!
Looking forward to see the whole thing!

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