2009 Dodge Ram coming in late September

The all new 2009 Dodge Ram, presented in January 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show, is almost there. The first units should be reaching the dealerships in September.

For all the loyal Dodge Ram fans this truck should be worth the wait. The big 5.7L HEMI engine has been worked on to produce 10% more power (380hp / 404lb) and 4% better gas economy. The truck is packed with 42 clever storage spaces, such as the optional ‘ram boxes’ that act as miniature trunk space located in the rear fenders. Those boxes can be locked and are water proof as well. The interior is coming to a whole new level. With a dual tone instrument panel, featuring hand stitching and the first heated steering wheel in its class. But breaking through technology is located behind the rear wheels. The 2009 Ram will be the first pickup to receive coil over suspension. This technology is supposed to bring the Ram to another level in comfort and handling without altering its legendary capability.

We can’t wait to see if it is as good as they say it is, but it surely looks good.

Philippe Daix
Philippe Daix
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