With the 45th anniversary of the Mustang fast approaching and the Camaro and Challenger due to be resurrected, there have been rumors circulating that Fords engineering team has been testing the 2009 Mustang in the Arizona desert.

The new Mustang will be based on the current S197 platform and will not be completely redesigned from the ground up. A complete redesign would prove too costly, so Ford intends to make any necessary improvements with the current platform to compete with the Camaro and Challenger.

When it comes to appearance, the 2009 Mustang will not disappoint. While, the wheelbase and overall dimensions of the car probably won’t change much, the 2009 Mustang will be more aggressive and audacious in its styling. With modern body lines, more pronounced front and rear flanks and a proportionally smaller glass area, the 2009 Mustang will have a sleek, yet aggressive appearance. It’s expected that retro styling will continue to dominate the theme of the car, but there are certainly going to be some modern details included, such as projector beam headlights in its newly designed front facia.

The heart of 2009 Mustang GT will most likely beat through Fords new 3-valve 4.6L V8, although there has been some speculation that it could see either the 4-valve 4.6L V-8 or the 3-valve 5.4L V-8. Whichever engine Ford decides to plant under the hood of the 2009 Mustang, one thing is for sure, displacement on demand (DOD) technology will be used. This feature allows the engine to shut off four of the 8 cylinders to improve fuel economy when the engine is lightly loaded. By using the DOD technology, a more aggressive engine tune may be possible which could give the Mustang a potent 325-340hp. All this power will likely be harnessed through a 5 speed gearbox, unless the competition forces Ford to do drop a six-speed in.

Although it’s expected that the 2009 Mustang will ride on a refined version of the “DEW-lite” chassis which is currently used in the S197 Mustang, one possible change could be an independent rear suspension in place of the solid rear axle. The Camaro and Challenger are both expected to sport an IRS, so Ford may be forced to follow suit.

The interior of the 2009 Mustang will likely be just as bold as the exterior. Look for improvements such as a new steering wheel, instrument cluster and door panels which will continue to give the Mustang a retro look, yet modern feel. One feature that will surely be dropped from the 2009 Mustang is the “My-Color” instruments, which allows the color of the instrument panel to be changed to suit the drivers styling needs. This option has proven costly for Ford and removing it should help keep production costs down.

With the Camaro and Challenger hitting the streets in the near future, the 2009 Mustang Concept certainly proves that Ford is not waiting around for the competition to catch up. As we can see, the Mustang once again aims to be a leader and not a follower.

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  (608) posted on 12.12.2006

this is a weak mustang, challenger an camaro will eat this thing up like it was served up on a plate.....no competition at all

  (6021) posted on 12.2.2006

put a hemi in it, put in a motor that can acually compete with the vette somthing with 500 bhp...

  (6021) posted on 10.26.2006

The fact that Ford is still using the heaviest platform of ANY modern performance coupe, still spells SLOW. The current car is roughly 300lbs heavier than the SN95 model, which it replaced.

EXAMPLE: 03 SVT Cobra (0-60 4.7 sec, 1/4 12.90)C&D /02

07 Shelby GT500 (0-60 4.5 sec, 1/4 12.68)Hot Rod

At 3641lbs, the 03 was already about 200lbs overweight. But at 3988lbs, the Shelby is a GGGGGGGG! You’re talking about horsepower & torque gains of over 100hp/ft, with no appreciable difference in performance. That’s no miracle, that’s sad.

  (6021) posted on 10.23.2006

This ain’t no miracle.The only miracle is the custom vette thats comin out at sema

  (6021) posted on 08.29.2006

Give the FORD MUSTANG GT a 5.4L with at least 345-350 horsepower with a 6 speed gear box. Plus add great accelleration and speed. FORD is sure to blow up GM and Dodge with that (on sales) or put Chevy on second place on sales. Of course the knew FORD EXPIDITION and the other amazing FORD cars will help too. They wont know what hit’em.

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