Ever watched those TV commercials where a well-known branded product is pitied against its competition? I’d bet you have. It’s an effective way to drive home the point about the former superiority when compared to its fledging rival. But for top-seeded Lexus GS460 and newcomer 2009 Hyundai Genesis, the exact opposite occurs.
Stripped of its nameplate, the 2009 Hyundai Genesis looks identical with its Lexus counterpart. In fact, car enthusiasts say it’s almost an exact clone, and more—V8 engine, smooth aerodynamic designs, pure soft leather on dashboard and door panels, not to mention its seductive navigation system and multimedia accessories.
As for fuel efficiency, the newcomer trashes competition with a perfect 10. Genesis puts in a rated 368 horsepower using regular unleaded while Lexus chalks up 342 horsepower using premium. A significant savings in these times of rising gas prices.
So what’s the catch? Hyundai comes at an almost whooping 30% discount against its luxury counterpart. While Lexus sells at $50,000, a fully loaded Hyundai starts at $38,000. But the distinction doesn’t end there. It offers 5 years or 60,000 miles warranty compared to Lexus 4 years or 50,000 miles.
However, some car honchos believe that tag price is not the sole consideration when buying a sedan. The company image behind the car, personality, as well as impressions of power, play crucial purchase factors. And Lexus has all these stack in its favor.
My verdict? Hyundai rips an edge over its competition. Why would anyone settle for a bland carrot when he can have a whole burger at a much lesser cost?

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  (47) posted on 09.4.2008

Styling is subjective, however there is no denying that Hyundai stole... err... borrowed design cues from Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. The Genesis is not a bad looking car because it looks like a Lexus or the aforementioned automakers. Perhaps the only original Hyundai styling cue on the Genesis is the grille which looks hideous IMO.

The GS came out in 2006 whereas the Genesis is all new for 2009. It’s like comparing the new Camry or Accord to the Sonata that came out a few years ago. Camry and Accord will be better because they are newer models.

As for the badge when you buy a Lexus you also get excellent customer service. The last time I had my car serviced it took longer than expected so they gave us gift cards at the restaurant across the street. Hyundai dealers could care less if your service runs long. They are not trained to deal with luxury buyers. You get the same treatment with your Genesis as the other guy getting his Accent fixed.

hsal8  (35) posted on 09.2.2008

*badgeless wannabe luxury freak*
My advice to Hyundai: Either get a bunch of good designers before making a luxury car... or just stick to what you’re best at doing; making cheap cars

hsal8  (35) posted on 09.2.2008

It seems like Hyundai spent all their money in developing the car... they couldn’t hire any designers... so they decided to make their car look like a mixture of the Lex GS, BMW 5-series, Merc E-class and the old Middle East-spec Maxima (note the tail lights).... what they wound up was with the badgeless freak (and a weird grille that doesn’t exactly complement the front lights)... I’d go for the A6... any day...

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