Hyundai will launch a redesigned Sonata in a few days at the Los Angeles Auto Show. And off course it couldn’t remain a secret until then and the first images are already on the internet.

The 2009 Sonata features an all-new front end with a set of larger headlights and a more "upscale" grille. The interior has also-been redesigned featuring a new center console with vertical air-vents and a revised dashboard.

Source: Carscoop

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steves  (103) posted on 11.8.2007

There are no differences, "larger headlights" ... that`s not a reason for a new model

steves  (60) posted on 11.8.2007

Not really impressed with the design.. same old

steves  (68) posted on 11.7.2007

The interior looks a lot better, but the face looks like the Elantra.

steves  (11) posted on 11.6.2007

Nice!! Hyundai is really trying to prove to the rest of the world that they have what it takes to play with the big boys. Definitely looks like they moving upmarket with the brand, but will they Azera have a place once the Genesis is one the market. Seriously all they had to do was add the same features to the Sonata that takes Azera to $30K, they would have a car that looks and feels like it’s worth the price. As well as give Honda and Toyota a reason to worry about their top sellers.

tango  (372) posted on 11.6.2007

This can’t be the 2009 Sonata. If so then we’re being taken for a ride. I can only see a few differences between this and 2008. The headlamps have different internals, but are shaped exactly alike on the outside. And the grilles are slightly different (the 2008 has one bar across the centre, while this one has four). The foglamps on this one turn down at the outer edges, while the 2008 turns upwards. Something’s not right here...

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