Autocar’s Magazine last issue features a spy photo of the future Lotus Esprit. It was caught inside Lotus’s Norfolk HQ by a snarh-eyed snapper from outside the factory gates.

Although almost completely uncovered, the thin material has allowed a great deal of details to be revealed. The plunging nose and distinctive shape of the front wing are clearly outlined, as is the long, sloping roof line and low tall.

Close examination also shows what appears to be a series of stats below the windscreen, as well as a substantial part of "hand-clap" wipers.

Lotus wants to sell 1000 units a reason, reason why a cabrio version was also added.

The 2009 Esprit is powered by a upgraded longitudinally mounted engine, with the adoption of a more modern BMW V8.

The launch of the Esprit was caused by the decision to launch the "Project Eagle", a 2+2 V6 coupe that will be priced at around £40.000. The project Eagle will be unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

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  (372) posted on 10.20.2007

When I was much younger, and just started to delve into the automotive world, I "discovered" the Esprit. Albeit by the time I made this Columbic revelation The Esprit was well over 12 years old. I thought it was the best thing ever built and I dreamed of one day owning one. As I got deeper in the world of automotive politics I realised that a 2.2L 4-cylinder (albeit with a turbo and pumping out a respectable 280hp) was not enough to justify the asking price. I figured more cylinders were needed. When Lotus finally developed the 3.5L V8 (putting out 355hp) it was already too late. Sticking to the traditional formula of building a chassis and sourcing the drivetrain is where Lotus began, and should continue. I see they found their roots. Let’s see how well this does.

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