Hopefully the downturn in the economy hasen’t forced you to fire your chauffeur because a back-seat only convertible Maybach 62 Landaulet is now up for sale.

When it was new last fall, the Maybach Landaulet carried a price tag of €900,000 (or $1.35 million at the time). Now this exclusive open-top luxury saloon is for sale on eBay as a used car for $2,200,000. Who knew adding 95 miles to the odometer could make a car gain almost $1 million in value.

So sell a small country or ask daddy for next month’s allowance in advance. Just remember, while you bask in the glow of the January sun, make sure Jeeves doesn’t have too much fun with the Landaulet’s 612 hp V12 engine.


Source: eBay

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