2009 Porsche Cayenne diesel will not feature the V12 TDI

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The diesel Cayenne has got all our attention. Mid-2009 was the launch date and the hype multiplied when rumors floated of a version with the V12 TDI found in the new Q7, was going to be offered. But No! Dreams will remain dreams.

The diesel avatar of the Cayenne SUV will be launched with the lighter 3.2 liter V6. There are a host of reasons like fuel economy, emissions, suitability and so on, which have prompted Porsche to make this move. But no worries. The V6 is said to produce around 300 hp with loads of torque which will make up for some of the disappointment. And lets agree on the fact that Porsche know more than you and me and we (majority of us) have always been fascinated and accept their products for what they are.

There is no point in making a car which houses an engine that measures to a size of an office cubicle but fails to get the all power it produces down on to the road. The engine is just one part of the whole equation and lets leave it Porsche to do what they want. All we need is the Porsche magic in it and nothing more. Regardless of all that, there will be a few unsatisfied people, the-more-power-madness-I-want category of customers whom I bet will be taken care by Gemballa or RENNtech immediately after the launch.


Source: egmcartech.com

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  (5990) posted on 03.12.2008

nice info. power and performance is the name of the game. if it offers both it would be big success.

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