Porsche will launch the four-door, four-seat luxury sedan in 2009. The Panamera is generally considered to be the long-awaited fruit of their 989 concept from the late 1980s. The Panamera will be produced in a number of 20.000 units.

If for the development of the Cayenne, Porsche used Volkswagen – and they will also for the next generation coming in 2010 - Panamera will be done “in house”. It will borrow the automatically changing damper settings called Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) from the 911 and Boxster. In fact, Panamera will share some of the components with 911 even if the architecture is totally different: the front engine is moved towards the front deck behind the front wheels and not rear engine moved to center like in the 911 models.

The base engine will be a 3.5 liter V6 with an output of 300 hp. Panamera will also come with more powerful choices: a V8 engine equipped with Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) which is supposed to lower the fuel consumption. The V8 engine will deliver 385 hp in the normal aspirated version and 500 hp for the twin-turbo version. The top of the line will come with the same V10 engine found on the Carrera GT that will deliver 600 hp.

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 11.5.2007

thats goin to be one fast sedan

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