Carroll Shelby got a lot of heart(s), and one of the ways he likes to give back is through his children’s foundation. Shelby knows the popularity of his brand, and so a convenient and gracious way to fill to coffers at the charity is to offer special editions of his cars. Back in November it was the Black Hornet, and now he’s doing it again with a 2009 Musting GT 500 upgraded with the Super Snake package.

Ol’ Shell is offering the car on eBay until February 19th. The package includes multiple suspension and engine upgrades as well as design enhancements. Under the hood is a Ford Racing Supercharger upgrade kit that produces over 605 horsepower and 590 ft.-lbs. of torque. Shelby will also autograph the car.


Source: eBay

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  (233) posted on 08.23.2009

it looks good. probably sounds good other than that all you’re gonna get while drivin that thing around is alot of cops staring at you and alot of awd evos and sti’s with mild mods blowing your doors off... the live rear axle with those small tires cant hook up that kind of power to the pavement so you’ll just sit there and burn up your tires all the way thru 5th gear

LS7BOYZ  (16) posted on 02.13.2009

u cant say its ugly it may power of a race car but the handling of a fat person on an optical course in the rain but it looks like Braizilian super model in an naked photo shoot. its a car for looks (i hope)

AK47  (1024) posted on 02.13.2009

605 hp and 12.5 seconds (assuming badest is correct)? Thats as slow as old man Shelby’s reflexes.

AK47  (233) posted on 02.11.2009

it’d be alot better if it didn’t have a live rear axle... put a multilink in the back and increase traction for take off and handling

also this thing weighs like 2 tons come on really

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 02.11.2009

0-100 km/h 4.4 seconds & Quarter
mile 12.5@119 seconds, guess it
wasn’t ready as i thought....

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 02.11.2009

shelby trying to make this car equal to the viper aye? lol interesting.....

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