So you bought a Porsche 911 because it was going to help you with the ladies, right? But now the 911 has gotten a few years old, and it’s just not scooping up the honeys like it used to? Well fear not, the father and son engineering team of Clyde and Hugh Kwok can recharge that p***y magnet for you.

The Kwoks have built a car they call the W3 Triposto. It’s an open-top roadster that trades the 911’s traditional 2+2 seating for a three across like the McLaren F1. The W3 Triposto is powered by a 300 hp flat six engine, so we’re guessing the donor car was a 3.4-liter version of the 996.

It’s probably hard to find a better father and son project out there. All we know is that the W3 Triposto’s $250,000 price tag could buy a few nice new Porsches and a lot of hair plugs.


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