If you just got a big year end bonus at that high-end job, head over to your local Aston Martin dealer and order yourself a One-77. According to the Dutch Autoblog, 22 examples of the gorgeously styled, uber-fast, and sensationally expensive machine are still for sale. One would have thought that this vehicle would have sold out by now, but it seems that only 55 of the 77 are spoken for.

While some might think that this is an issue for the company, Aston isn’t worried since the official production version of the One-77 hasn’t even been produced yet. That’s right, 55 vehicles were sold and the car hasn’t even been built. Of course, the fact that the production of this supercar has dragged out for so long may be the reason why some of those contracts have yet to be signed.

Next month, those customers that do have a solid contract for the supercar will get to drive the One-77 for the first time. We don’t doubt that everybody who drives this 750 horsepower machine will fall in love, which may be a good marketing tool to finally get rid of the remaining models.


Source: Autoblog.nl

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  (386) posted on 10.29.2010

Not to sound like a fan boy buy the F1 isn’t even the same type of car as this. Yes they both have twelve cylinders, they both are British and both have mono torque chassis but after that they’re apples and oranges. The 177 is more super fast GT than all out race car like the F1 was.

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