From the more questions than answers file comes the possible latest spy shots of the new Audi A8. Staying close to the rendering from last week, these new shots were picked up by Autoblog from a website in the Middle East.

If these are real, then it looks like Audi is cooking up something pretty special for the 2010 A8. The big Audi looks like its returning to the sleeker profile of the pre-2004 generation. The interior has a horizontal layout that looks like its designed for sports cars. Very nice.

So, are these grainy images real? If so, how did a small Arabic-language site scoop the rest of us? Does this less-rounded shape signal more of the future of Audi design?

It’s time for a nap.


Source: Autoblog

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hsal8  (35) posted on 10.3.2008

audi has tested the Q7 V12 TDI, the A5 in the UAE. And a slinky coupe with four rings has been spotted ’round dubai. So u can actually believe d site.

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