Bob Lutz offered new information about the 2010 Camaro. And to our disappointment they aren’t good at all: the 2010 Camaro won’t be offered in a hardtop version unlike the concept Camaro and the 1969 Camaro.

Initially GM said that the Camaro Concept will be "virtually identical" to the concept unveiled at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, but now Lutz confirmed that the production Camaro will in fact have a B-pillar, making it a standard coupe instead of a traditional hardtop coupe.

The decision has been made to keep the production costs down and ensure the Camaro’s frame is as light and tight and possible.

The same will happen with the 2008 Challenger: the production version will be a standard coupe when it goes on sale next spring.

Source: Inside Line

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  (103) posted on 10.4.2007

As tango said, it`s not the worst news that could have come from GM

  (60) posted on 10.4.2007

they might rethink it though, depending on the demand

  (132) posted on 10.4.2007

That’s kind of disapointing, but not really a big surprise

  (372) posted on 10.2.2007

This is hardly bad news. Bad news would be if they weren’t producing it at all, or if they were offering it with a 4-cylinder, or if they were offering it with 4 doors. If that’s the only major change then so be it. Andf to be honest I much prefer the car to have a B- ar and be tight and solid (I HATE noisey cars) than be all sexy and sound like it was built with nails in the doors.

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