Despite being a huge sales success, General Motors is having a bit of trouble developing a drop top and have hit a few unseen snags with the the new convertible Camaro. So when times get tough, turn to the professionals, in this case we’re talking about the guys from California’s Newport Convertible Engineering, who have already developed a working model of the soft-top version of the new muscle car.

From the looks of things, the convertible engineers added quite a bit of reinforcement to the A pillar, perhaps even a stronger windshield frame to deal with the added weight and loss of structural rigidity from cutting the top off.

Even if it is still under development, NCE is already taking orders for the drop top 21st century muscle car. So if you like having fun in the sun with the wind in your face behind the wheel of a V8 pony car then this could be just what you are looking for.


Source: Carscoop

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