The folks at Factory Five Racing, the premiere Shelby Cobra replica builders in the world, have just come out with their fourth generation roadster complete with a reshaped body for a more period correct look thanks to a new in house fiberglass manufacturing process that significantly reduces the costs to tool the bodywork and apply the paint as well as additional room in the footwells for a more comfortable ride for both the driver and passenger and an optional aluminum shell seat for bigger guys.

The Mk4 roadster replica also comes with an all new assembly manual for complete kits making it easier to put the cars together from scratch as well as a Koni suspension that was first offered as an option on the last generation model and are now standard with all kits, but best of all they are made to accept the all new 400 HP 5.0 Liter Coyote V8 from the new Mustang GT.

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2010 Factory Five Mk4 Roadster
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Factory Five Racing, the world’s leading component car manufacturer pulled the covers off a brand new vehicle kit this past weekend at the company’s Winter Open House event.

FFR Director of Engineering Jesper Ingerslev and Director of R&D Jim Schenck pull the cover off of Factory Five’s new Mk4 Roadster. The new Mk4 Roadster is the latest version of the company’s best selling vintage replica and was debuted to over three hundred attendees at the company’s facility in Wareham, MA.

On February 13th, Factory Five debuted it’s new Mk4 Roadster at their Winter Open House in Wareham, MA.

The new Mk4 model features an improved suspension, stronger and more period correct chassis, improved composite body in a new red gel-coat finish, and the ability to use the all-new 400 HP Ford Motor Company "Coyote" 5.0L engine, set to debut in the 2011 Ford Mustang.

Factory Five Racing’s new Mk4 entered production as of Feb 15, 2010 and is now available to order.

2010 Factory Five Mk4 Roadster
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Source: Factory Five Racing

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  (596) posted on 02.23.2011

This is just the tip of the iceberg, America is so lawsuit happy you could run over someone’s hand who was trying to steal your wheel and get sued for it.

  (368) posted on 02.23.2011

That is just it, they are not his designs..further more they were never production cars which underwent patents and such..

  (210) posted on 09.30.2010

It’s not ugly, but it was so overpriced and under performing and it landed with a thud on the market, it was supposed to be an instant collectible, but it didn’t even sell out.

  (1211) posted on 09.27.2010

The car does look a lot like the Daytona, and the people how buy it are for sure trying to buy something as close to the original Daytona, but for less than $7 million.

  (504) posted on 08.22.2010

Thanks goodness they’ve planned on producing Mk4, this small roadster is best for cruisin on country side.

  (806) posted on 08.18.2010

Wow. That’s a truly breathtaking arrangement of automotive art. That is indeed one of the most beautiful sports cars of all time.

  (321) posted on 08.8.2010

That is just it, they are not his designs..further more they were never production cars which underwent patents and such...

  (462) posted on 05.25.2010

I think they’ve made major improvements on interior and exterior designs.

  (702) posted on 02.17.2010

Well, the good thing about replicas is that they are able to show what and how the cars look and perform on the time that they were still hot and living, but, the offset is that the value is not the same to others, actually, it is not actually the same. A car built today is not the same as the car built years ago, probably by the original designers of the car.

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