The 2010 Ford Focus is taking on a European feel.

Apparently, the latest model of the Focus franchise will not be produced on its home continent and instead, will be manufactured exclusively at Ford’s Saarlouis production plant in plant in Germany.

While it may seem strange to produce the Focus from across the pond that is the Atlantic, Ford justifies their reason by saying that the move will allow its European division to get back on its feet. According to John Fleming, the Chairman and CEO of Ford Europe, “Our objective is to return to sustainable profitability as soon as we can.” He also added: "We’ve already shown that we will make the necessary decisions and do whatever is required to ensure that Ford of Europe emerges from the downturn as a leaner and stronger company, ready to take on the opportunities presented once the economic situation finally improves."

The Focus is not the only Ford vehicle that will be produced exclusively in Europe. One of its variants, the Focus C-Max MPV will be produced in Valencia, Spain. Incidentally, the same plant in Valencia that produces the C-Max will distribute the vehicle to all the European markets and if plans push through, all the markets outside of Europe, including the US.

With the industry taking a massive hit in America and in Europe, it figures that Ford is putting all its resource into making sure that all of its plants have an opportunity to keep their heads above water.


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  (289) posted on 07.2.2009

I think it was already said, the objective is to return to sustainable profitability asoon as possiblem hence the Ford Europe is very much sure of what it intends to do in the next years—to boost the Ford sales within Europe and assure a secured market anytime.

  (318) posted on 07.2.2009

Europe market version ONLY vehicles will be produced in Europe. The C346 Focus WILL still be produced and on sale in North America.
Ford is simply being smart and rationalising manufacturing plants to suit demand.
Where in the article does is say C346 Focus will not be produced in North America.
Dumb fools..

  (314) posted on 07.2.2009

It would be more profitable to have just 1 global model and swap out regional parts (dash, steering,emissions, lights, etc.). Once again, ford screws the N. Am. customers.Maybe NA didnt want such "small" car till very recently... hence the totally different cars under a unique product name

  (421) posted on 07.2.2009

I gues thats the most practical and prudent move that Ford Europe should do during this period of economic crisis. By maintaining the production in Europe it secures its credibility and standard within control

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