In its standard version, the V8 engine found in the Mercedes C63 AMG develops a total of 457 hp and a maximum peak torque 600 Nm. There’s no doubt that those numbers will please plenty of buyers, but it can still get better. In fact, it can get a lot better. To get to that state, the Mercedes C63 AMG had a visit from a set of tuners over at Cargraphic who managed to obtain an impressive output of 570 HP.

In order to obtain changes of this magnitude, Cargraphic not only made ECU updates, but they also added a specially tuned exhaust system with connection pipes integrating 200-cell sports catalyst. The new exhaust system comes with an electronic throttle control that allows the driver to control sound intensity from the cockpit. The result is 570 HP and 688 NM of torque, and of course the sound that makes your toes curl.

For any drivers who feel that they are a little too conservative for this type of speed, Cargraphic is also offering a package that offers "only" 545 HP and 660 Nm of torque. No details yet on how these new numbers improve the car’s performance.

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