What can you do with a little talent and a spy photo? A pretty cool rendering of a future NSX Super GT. Designer Jon Sibal took a spy picture of the future Acura NSX and did what plenty of rich fanboys are likely to do with their next NSX. He added a widebody kit and racing paint to make a full blown NSX GT racecar.

His description of the process of going from spy shot to race car rendering makes it sound kinda simple, but we’re not going to try it anytime soon.


Source: Jon Sibal

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  (364) posted on 03.16.2010

I am a big fan of the outgoing NSX, especially with the final R version. Honda don’t make turbos, so I expect the car to do less than 380bhp and 350Nm. Even a BMW M3 could beat this Accord coupe!

  (19) posted on 11.28.2008

OMG this will be a bomb. ^_^

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