It’s that time of year again, the biggest and the most exciting event is close upon us. No, it’s not a holiday or anything of that sort, but it’s just as good for people who love the automotive industry and the cars that the companies produce. The 2010 Paris Motor Show is just months away and TopSpeed has all the bases covered.

Over the next few months we will update you on every piece of automotive news that involves the motor show in France. So far we have plenty to look forward to, including a few Citroens, Mercedes-Benz cars, and, of course, a bevy of supercars.

The official show starts on October 2nd in Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles and it will run until the 17th.

We have all the information you will need to prepare for the festivity that is the Paris Motor Show below, so hit the jump to read on and enjoy.


Peugeot 508

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369785

French automaker Peugeot is looking to shrink their car lineup. They intend to replace the 407 and the 607 with the all-new 508. The sedan is set to make its debut at the motor show. The 508 will be available in sedan and wagon variants. No further information has been released and we will have to wait a few months to see it in person.

The new e-HDi stop and start system offers a fuel efficiency improvement of up to 15%, according to Peugeot. Also on tap is a new Hybrid4 system that will put out 200 horsepower and an all-wheel drive system. Emissions are 99g/km in normal driving or 0g/km in electric mode.

Renault Latitude

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369763

We love French cars, as they always look so good. The same can be said of the new Latitude.

The sedan will be on a stretched Laguna platform with the same engine choices as well. If you’re familiar with the Renault-Samsung SM5 then this car isn’t much different.

We know this car won’t be cheap, but big French sedans often aren’t. Renault is saying that it is a vehicle for drivers "who are looking for status, quality and comfort," with no mention of "affordability." Good luck to them.

Volkswagen Passat

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369768

We have seen a few leaked photos of the Passat before, but it won’t be until the Paris Motor Show that we see it in the flesh. Although the Passat is just another German sedan, we are really looking forward to it.

In the styling department, the Passat will get the typical VW styling, with a black plastic grille and crisp headlights. The car looks more aggressive all over and we really like it.

Under the hood the Passat will likely get the same motor as the Europeans, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 200 horsepower. Sadly, the range of diesel motors won’t be coming stateside.

BMW 5-Series M Sport

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369756

For those of use who want a little more than just a normal5-Series, BMW has always given us the M Sport. The new generation 5-Series is no different.

This new model will receive a deeper front air dam with larger intakes, side sill extensions, and a re-contoured bumper. At the moment there are no interior shots available, but it will most likely get sporty seats, a different wheel, and some trim upgrades.

Mercedes-Benz CLS

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior Spyshots
- image 369775

One of the most beautiful cars to debut in an equally beautiful city is the Mercedes-Benz CLS. The production car takes a few cues from the F800 Style and the CLS Shooting Brake concepts.

The headlamps are drawn further back over the fenders and the LEDs are within the side air intakes. The fascia, central air dam, and grille are all larger.

The back gets enlarged LED taillights with rear fenders, similar to the E-Class. The arching roof remains, as one of the CLS’s big styling points.

The 2011 CLS will get two motors, a V6, and a V8. The V6 will be a 3.5-liter direct injection motor with over 300 horsepower. The other is the twin-turbocharged 4.6-liter V8 with 429 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

Hyundai Elantra

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369781

Known in Korea as the Avante, the new Hyundai will get the same design language as the Sonata. The car is expected to go on sale in South Korea in the early Fall and we will likely have to wait a few months to get it here.

The Korean version of the car will get a 1.6-liter direct-injected Gamma-series four-cylinder motor with a new six-speed automatic transmission. Hyundai claims that the motor will be able to put out 138 horsepower, while being 10 percent more efficient than rivals, such as the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus. The North American version could get a 200 horsepower turbocharged motor.

Look for the final product to debut in late September at the Paris Motor Show, while the North American version should be here in late 2010 or early 2011. We hope that the styling stays the same because this car looks stunning.

Citroen C4

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369779

Compared to the current C4, the new model has grown in size. It also comes with a new exterior design, with more aggressive headlights, a bolder grille, additional chrome accents, and a roof-mounted spoiler.

The new car will offer Citroen’s micro-hybrid e-HDi powertrains, which use the latest in stop/start technology. If you don’t want that, you can have the usual turbocharged petrol and HDi diesel motors.

The list of technologies offered for the C4 include: Electronic Gearbox System, hill start assist, automatic electric parking brake, Lane Departure Warning System and Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, blind-spot monitoring system, cornering light function, cruise control, and speed-limiter with road speed memory settings.


Ford Focus ST

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview High Resolution Exterior
- image 369831

We haven’t heard much about this new hot Focus, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking forward to it. We think that this new Focus ST will be powered by an EcoBoost inline-four that will put out around 200 horsepower.

We imagine that the ST will have 250 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, but that is just a guess at this time. It should be geared well too, because the ST will need to be fun on the track and good on the road. Economy should be around 29 miles per gallon.

Mini Range

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369794

We love the Mini. We love it so much that we ranked it the best small car on the market. Now, there is a new batch of Mini models coming to Paris. The 2011 Cooper, Clubman, Convertible, and the brilliant John Cooper Works models will be getting fresh styling, engine upgrades, and new features.

There is a new bumper designed for people walking in the road and new LED taillights. Mini buyers will be able to choose from an array of new colors and wheel designs. Inside, there are new designed controls for the audio and air conditioning and new trim and color options. There are also new audio and navigation systems.

In Europe, the Mini will be getting tons of diesel options with improved efficiency and smoothness. The new Mini One D will get 90 horsepower, while the Mini D will get 112 horsepower with 62 miles per gallon.

Bentley Continental GT

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369767

The big luxury coupe has been with us for a while now and though sales are good, Bentley thinks it’s time for a refresh. We have seen spy shots of the 2011 GT and it does look pretty darn good.

The front end gets most of the changes, with a new set of LED headlights. The hood looks slightly longer and there is a more upright grille with a pair of sweptback fenders.

The overall look of the GT is more planted and it looks to be a bit longer than the current model. We hope to see this car in Paris.

Audi RS3

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369765

From the spy photographs, the RS3 doesn’t look that much different than the normal A3. There are the usual RS badges on the grille and bigger fender flares, but that’s about it. It actually doesn’t look too bad.

The RS3 will have a winden body, which the current S3 doesn’t offer. The air intakes will be huge and there will be oval exhaust pipes that will highlight the RS3’s exterior. Inside, the RS3 will get the flat-bottomed steering wheel and racing seats.

Under the hood of the RS3 there is rumored to be a 340 horsepower turbocharged five-cylinder. On top of all that power, the RS3’s motor cranks out 332 pound-feet of torque. Needless to say, this thing is going to be a rocket. We can estimate that this car will hit 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds.

One of the bonuses of using a five-cylinder motor is the unique sound. While the new motor will not share any of the design with the old Audi five-cylinder motors, the noise will remain, giving the Audi a leg up on the BMW.

Hyundai Veloster

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369770

We have loved Hyundai’s products as of late, but we do miss the cheap little sports car that was the Tiburon. The new Veloster will be just the cure and it will likely debut at the Paris Motor Show.

The little coupe should be powered by a 1.6-liter direct injection inline-four with around 140 horsepower. We might even see a turbocharged version. We could see the Veloster around 2011.

Opel/Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview High Resolution Exterior
- image 369764

For some reason, we in the United States don’t fancy small wagons, but in Europe, they are as popular as Manchester United. The Opel Astra has been a huge seller for the company and people have been buying the wagon form left and right. The new Astra Sports Tourer will debut in Paris.

Inside the Astra, the base seats will use the FlexFold system, which will allow the rear seats to be folded down by pressing a button. This system has been used before on bigger vehicles, but never on a compact wagon.

There are eight engine choices, including the 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that will be in the Chevrolet Cruze. A fun little car this should be.


2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369761

We have seen the new M6 testing around the streets of Germany for a few weeks now. It has the typical quad exhaust, driller brake rotors, and upgraded wheels. The front bumper also looks a bit different compared to the normal 6-Series.

The M6 should be getting the all-new M5’s engine, but we will have to wait and see. That motor is a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that is currently used in the X5 M and the X6 M.

Alfa Romeo Castagna Coupe Targa

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369782

One of the biggest names in automotive design, Castagna, is working on an Alfa Romeo model that is certainly gorgeous. The car will be released to celebrate the Italian automaker’s 100th birthday.

The first model that will be debuted at the motor show will be based on the 8C. It will be called the Targa Coupe, which will be based on the 1913 minivan Ricotti.

Jaguar Sportscar Concept

Jaguar will be bringing a sports car concept to the show that was inspired by the success of the Porsche 918. The concept will bring a big change for Jaguar’s previous design language of the oval, E-type-inspired grille that has identified Jaguar’s sports cars. Instead, Jaguar will be offering a single grille design for both sedan and sports cars. This will be the design language that will be used in the next XK. And, as the trends rear their environmental heads, the Jaguar sports car concept will feature a hybrid drive-train consisting of a V6 petrol combined with an electric engine and the ZF’s new eight-speed auto transmission.

Sport Utility Vehicle

Land Rover LRX

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369769

We have seen the car before, but it won’t make its public debut until the Paris Motor Show.Land Rover was kind enough to show us the new LRX at a big glamorous party with celebrities left and right. While we have seen the car, we have very little details as of now.


2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369757

BMW was kind enough to give us a few details on the X3 before it’s official launch in Paris.

The exterior will get the typical BMW front end, with the kidney grills and a large headlight assembly. The interior is full of high-quality materials and the usual three-dimensional surface design.

Under the hood, the X3 will get a four-cylinder diesel and a straight six-cylinder petrol motor. The four-cylinder diesel will put out 184 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque. The straight six-cylinder will have 306 horsepower and around 400 Nm of torque.

The list of standard equipments will include Head-up Display, Adaptive Cornering Headlights, High-beam Assistant, and Cruise Control with braking function.

Volkswagen Tiguan

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior Spyshots
- image 369783

We haven’t seen much of the Tiguan so far, expect a few pictures here and there, but we will see the entire thing in Paris very soon.

The front of the new VW will get a restyled front bumper, new fog lights, and a new grille. The wheels will be the same and the back of the SUV is pretty much the same as the old model.

We would expect the engine lineup to remain the same, with a few improvements here and there, as well as a hybrid version in the future.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369780

The G-Class is a car that needs no introduction. It’s a massive beast of a thing that we love for its quirkiness.

We have heard that an updated version of the massive SUV will be ready for the Paris Motor Show. The update will include a few updated engines, including a direct-injection V8 with twin-turbochargers.

The interior will get a few minor changes to keep up with the times. The exterior design will be the same, which is fine with us because we love it.

Chevrolet Orlando

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview High Resolution Exterior
- image 372931

General Motors will be showing their new MPV, the Orlando at the Paris Motor Show. GM has no plans on offering the van in the United States. That doesn’t make much sense, because Chevrolet doesn’t have a good MPV in its lineup.

Under the hood will be three different motors. The first is a 1.8-liter petrol four-cylinder motor that produces 141 horsepower. There will be two diesel motors, both 2.0-liters with either 131 or 163 horsepower. There should be either a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission on offer.

The Orlando has seating for seven, despite its small platform. There will be hidden storage areas behind the audio system to store whatever you don’t want found.


Aston Martin DB9

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369758

The most beautiful car in the world is set to get some updates. We have seen photos of the new 2011 DB9, but the car will make its official debut in Paris. AnAston Volante version should debut a few months later.

This next facelift will follow along those same lines, but focus more on the exterior. The facelift DB9 will get a DBS inspired exterior, including a new front bumper, side skirts, and a bigger rear spoiler. The new DB9 will also get new exterior colors and a few new wheel options. The under the hood stuff will remain the same.

Audi R8 ClubSport

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369766

Audi loves the R8 so much that they plan to have five different variants in the next two years. This newest model, theClubSport or the GT, has been seen testing in Germany.

The front fascia has been lowered slightly with a new splitter. Around back you will see larger exhaust outlets and a restyled bumper with new air outlets. Carbon ceramic brakes are now fitted to each wheel.

The R8 CS will likely get plenty of carbon fiber to keep the weight down and a V10 will likely be under the hood with a new dual-clutch gearbox. We hope to see the new R8 in Paris.

Lamborghini Jota....No longer. Lamborghini 83X Concept

Is Lamborghini teasing the Sesto Elemento concept? Exterior
- image 375802

One of the most anticipated cars in Paris was the new Lamborghini. TheJota that has been seen over and over again testing, but the Murcielago replacement has yet to be seen in any official photographs, and apparently, the Paris Motor Show won’t be seeing it either. Lamborghini has announced that they will not be bringing the Murcielago replacement to Paris, but they will be bringing a supercar that has beenrepeatedly teased for the past week.

It seems that the inexplicable automobile shown in the teaser images is the Sesto Elemento (translated to Sixth Element in English), a concept car created almost entirely from carbon fiber (if you remember the fourth teaser said "the sixth element - carbon fiber"). The new concept is expected to weigh in at 2,200 pounds (yes, that’s less than 1000 kilos) and is predicted to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. Wow. With a V10 engine under the hood, the Sesto will be able to hit a top speed of no less than 217.5 mph. This new concept opens the doors to Lamborghini’s future supercars so it comes as no surprise that we are all ecstatic about this development. Just a few more days and we can feast our eyes on the supercar design of the future!

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera Spyder

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior Spyshots
- image 369771

One of the longest car names we have ever seen we will be appearing in Paris. The Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera Spyder will be a lightweight machine that will be a driving thrill.

There is no rear wing, but there is a large front spoiler and rear diffuser. The Spyder will probably get one of those stupid roof assembly kits to keep the weight down, so be sure to check the weather before you go out for a drive.

Lotus Models

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369786

Lotus has been keeping quiet about their big plans in Paris, but they have given us a few hints at to what to expect. The company has announced that the new Esprit will be there, as will two new-front engined GT cars and a new roadster. The production versions are expected to be ready by 2012.

We are highly anticipating the new Esprit, as Lotus has really gone all out in marketing it. We have heard so many different rumors about an LFA V10 and a 3.5-liter V6. We really have no idea what to expect when the Esprit is launched.

Pagani C9

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 370377

The next generation Pagani supercar is on the way, we just don’t where its going. The car might be headed to Paris for the motor show, but that has yet to be confirmed. The new C9 will cost around $1,265,000. So, you better get to work if you want one.

Under the hood of the new C9 is a 6.0-liter V12 from Mercedes that will produce 700 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque. That monumental amount of power means that the new C9 will almost be as powerful as theZonda R, which cranked out 750 horsepower.

The C9 will have 3,770 new parts, a carbon-titanium chassis, specialty developed Pirelli tires, and Bosch electronics. The car will also be able to meet U.S crash safety tests and California’s crazy emission laws.


Kia Pop EV Concept

Kia will be looking to add a little sparkle to the Paris Motor Show with its new Pop concept.

At this moment, Kia has yet to release many details about the Pop. We do know that its under 10-feet in length and it has three seats. The driver will sit on the left on a bench seat. We would have thought that the driver would be in the middle, like the T.25, designed by Gordon Murray. The reasoning for the driver placement is unclear, but we hope to find out more once the car is unveiled.

The look of the Pop EV concept is something that we haven’t seen before on Kia’s vehicles. It’s very interesting, but we doubt it will ever go into production, as most of these crazy concepts don’t.

Smart Electric

2010 Paris Motor Show Preview Exterior
- image 369778

How can you make the smallest vehicle on the road even more efficient? Go even smaller, but not in terms of size. Smart wants to cut away a wheel to make this little car a scooter.

Autocar is reporting that Smart will create an electric scooter for the Paris Motor Show. The scooter may be seen as a response to BMW, who have been making two-wheeled vehicles for years.

Nissan Townpod Concept

Nissan set to unveil Townpod EV Concept at the Paris Motor Show Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 374134

One of the concepts that are headed to Paris is the subject of this simple teaser: an electric car concept Nissan is calling the Townpod. Apart from the teaser photo, the Japanese manufacturer is keeping mum on the details of the Townpod with the auto brand only saying that the car “combines eye-catching design with a spacious and practical interior". In addition to that, Nissan rolled up their sleeves and did their best promotional spiel by saying that the Townpod will “herald a new-era of flexible, stylish vehicles that will bring electric-vehicle mobility to the masses."

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  (702) posted on 11.9.2010

This is really nice. I hope it is built and sold in the USA. The production car,
without the chopped roof should look even better.

  (515) posted on 11.8.2010

i have no class" trucks can get away with 22s if they are on 35 inch tires or larger but no car should ever have bigger than 20, and personally i wont go past 18

  (221) posted on 11.5.2010

This design looks more like a Mercedes-Benz F-Concept car, or a Lamborghini Prototype

  (798) posted on 11.4.2010

No mate they are making it larger than the current one.That has to include being longer.

  (831) posted on 11.3.2010

Pontiac is dead. GM isn’t going to bring it back. Chrysler killed off Plymouth, but have you seen them bring it back JUST for the ’Cuda?

  (387) posted on 10.28.2010

Emissions durability alone can take 3+ years.

  (331) posted on 10.14.2010

Bring this to the United States. I don’t care if it’s as a Buick, Chevy or Opel. Just bring it.

  (129) posted on 10.11.2010

What does that say, when someone can (semi) reasonably yell at Hyundai for having interior bits that are too much like Audi’s. Wow, how far they’ve come.

  (461) posted on 10.3.2010

I agree that it’s dumb for GM to wait. The Cobalt is selling well because it gets better mileage than any other Chevy. People are desperate for fuel economy. But wouldn’t the Cruze sell even better, if it’s a bigger and better car that is even more fuel efficient than the Cobalt?

  (1211) posted on 10.1.2010

Styling is subjective, but IMO that is a miss. Interior looks decent, though.

  (205) posted on 09.29.2010

Styling is subjective, but IMO that is a miss. Interior looks decent, though.

  (544) posted on 08.10.2010

Wow, that’s cool. I have seen that SR1 is there. Can’t wait to see.

Uncia  (868) posted on 07.30.2010

Italdesign should get the design credit for the Alfa Romeo "Targa Coupe," not Castagna. Castagna’s design is obviously derived from Italdesign’s 1997 Alfa Romeo Scighera concept car.

Uncia  (221) posted on 07.28.2010

But I think Geneva Motor Show would be more exciting..But who knows Paris might outrage Geneva. Let’s see.

Uncia  (24) posted on 07.27.2010

I cant wait to see what the murcielago replacement will be like? But I am very sad to hear that the top lambo might loose its famous sissor doors because they were something that distinguished lamborghini from all other cars and made a whole new trend of lambo doors so to loose that is like Jeremy Clarkson once said to "take away the sunshine from a summer holiday: you are then left with NOTHING"

Uncia  (1) posted on 07.27.2010

u forgot the zonda replacement

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