The pony car wranglers at Steeda are preparing for the next stampede of blue oval enthusiasts looking to modify their 2010 Ford Mustang GTs with one of the aftermarket manufacturer’s immediate injection of power and agility for the V8 powered muscle car.

2010 Steeda Sport Edition Mustang
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Steeda’s plan is to transform the vehicle with a few low key exterior touches, some proven performance parts and a very serious amount of attention paid to the suspension. There is an option wide black stripe on the hood and the company’s signature “S” side stripes. A few extra horsepower are freed up by the high flow air filter and parasitic drag reducing under drive pulleys.

Everyone knows that in order to go fast you need to be able to carry speed through a turn. So Steeda didn’t skimp on the hardware. Aside from the standard Steeda Sport Springs, the American tuner goes so far as to use a set of Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms. Now that is a racing part. There’s no sense in going fast if you don’t look good soing it, so the Mustung sits on Steeda Spyder Wheels dipped in chrome and sized 20x9.9 inches up front and 20x11 inches in the rear. Just like an Olympic sprinter, the Steeda Mustang needs high performance rubber under their feet, so sparing no expense the company includes a set of Nitto NT05 High Performance Tires. All this can be your for only $8995, not a bad price to pay for a few seconds at the track.


Source: Muscular Mustangs

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