Honda is pretty busy with the development of the successor of the legendary NSX. After a period of silence, Honda sends new prototypes for testings, and this latest spy shots were taken in Germany.

The previous prototypes were a S2000 resembling "mule", but this latest one looks more compactly and more muscular. As you know, the future NSX will be badged as an Acura. Initially it was supposed to be called like this in America, but Acura will also go in the Japanese market starting 2010.

The "NSX" is still a code name, as the official name has not been released yet.

The 2011 NSX will be powered by a V10 engine that will deliver 500 hp and will have an average consumption of 10 liter per 100 km.

The final design will probably be inspired by theAdvanced Sports Car Concept unveiled last year at the Detroit Auto Show.

The NSX will compete with models like Lexus LF-A and Nissan GT-R.



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  (1022) posted on 06.21.2008

More like 250k. So the NSX will be kinda like the cheaper alternative.

  (233) posted on 06.20.2008

the lexus LF-A is gonna be a sick car but the price will be absurd. as if lexus wasn’t expensive enough with standard v-6 and v-8’s in them

the v-10 should probably run around 120k

  (233) posted on 06.20.2008

yea the older ones look better than many ferraris and lambos today...personal opinion but still

they could achieve the power from the v-6 its just a matter if they will or not and ya most quote on quote super cars are going to larger engines... although it’d be nice to have an economical supercar..

example the v-6

  (1022) posted on 06.20.2008

A V10 and a high price tag is one of the best ways to get attention though.....

  (1022) posted on 06.20.2008

I agree but Honda doesn’t really believe in turbos and I doubt even they can achieve 500hp from a 3L V6. Nah, they probably can.

I also agree with the styling but chances are that they are probably using some other car frame while testing the engine before they put it in the real NSX. It has been done a few times at Nurburgring. The engine will be similiar to the Lexus LF-A.

The old model looks better than some of the Ferraris of today.

  (233) posted on 06.19.2008

a v-10 would be nice but i’d like to see them stick with their traditional v-6 or maybe and inline 6 and twin turbo it or something instead. it’d produce around the same output of hp with better gas mileage, less weight and probably a lower price tag.

and the old styling was better in my opinion

  (70) posted on 06.18.2008

if they will put that big V10 engine in the NSX it will beat a lot of cars

  (1022) posted on 06.18.2008

With 500hp under the hood, I can see this competing with Ferraris. The old NSX did teach the Testerossa a lesson with only 274hp.

Hopefully, it will take on the ZR1.

  (520) posted on 06.17.2008

It looks that this has 2 seats. i hope to see more pics without the camouflage soon.

  (68) posted on 06.17.2008

I think this may either be the next S2000, or the phase II mule of the next NSX. I heard the next NSX is supposed to he a 2+2 configuration, and I would hate to see the rear seats in this prototype.

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