The luxury automaker from Bavaria is all about building the ultimate driving machine and in order to the German design team is always coming up with new ideas, like this next generation BMW 5-Series rendering. The car is set to be unveiled sometime in 2011, but until the next 5-Series becomes more than just a drawing on the cover of AutoZeitung, we can only speculate as to how BMW plans on improving their signature mid sized sedan.

From the image we can see that the 2011 5-Series will be both wider and longer than the current model with an exterior design inspired by both the 7-Series limousine and the sports activity vehicle 5-Series GT. The future 5 will grow so long that it is expected to share the same chassis as its bigger bother, although it will weigh less than the 7 because BMW is planning on downsizing their the engine lineup and then boosting performance with a few turbochargers.

A few of the other future cars that made the cover of the German periodical are an Audi S1 hot hatch and for the Mercedes Benz boys, a Black Series inspired SLK and a redesigned S Class with headlights that are closer to the 2010 E Class.


Source: BMW Blog

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Uncia  (868) posted on 07.10.2009

As far as styling is concerned, I like the new S-class on the bottom-left of the image better.

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