With the new Camaro and Mustang improving all the time, it’s no wonder that Dodge tries to keep up. However, lets face it, the current and forever on-going muscle car war is pretty between Chevrolet and Ford. But what about the Challenger? Revealed at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, the Challenger created quite a fiery sensation, but then fizzed out. Now it appears that Dodge is stirring the remaining embers to get consumers to remember that they too have a muscle car in their line-up.

For 2011 model year, the Challenger will get a long list of improvements, including more powerful engines. Don’t get to excited, though, the exterior look will remain the same except for the lower opening that was flipped upside down and made taller. The interior will receive major updates. Dodge is putting in a new Garmin navigation system and will be improving the dashboard. They will also offer high quality materials.

As for the engines, the SE version will get a Pentastar V6 engine with an output between 290 and 300 HP, if the direct injection is added. For the RT version the engine will remain the same. The biggest change will be made for the SRT8 version that will get a new 6.4-liter Hemi engine delivering 480 HP and 460 lb-ft of torque. This engine will feature cylinder deactivation, helping real world gas mileage.


Source: Allpar

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  (309) posted on 09.21.2010

I think those are the vehicles that the specified trim package directly competes with in the domestic market.

  (745) posted on 09.7.2010

I’m glad they’re working for improvements.

  (221) posted on 08.1.2010

There must be a formula for that. Er, it averaged 48.5mpg and traveled 776.5 miles, so smash those numbers together and see what happens...

  (765) posted on 06.30.2010

A source speaking with Allpar said that the new Challenger’s exterior styling will remain virtually indistinguishable from the current model, aside from a few minor tweaks.

  (1333) posted on 06.29.2010

Further details are known of the new Dodge Challenger is coming with an electric power steering system that is increasingly common in new market launches, and a cylinder deactivation system to reduce the high consumption of less.

  (211) posted on 06.28.2010

Is that so! Well, hopefully they add something that will make this dodge challenger look very gorgeous not only the look of aggressiveness.

  (434) posted on 06.28.2010

haha I guess this will be the dodge answer to the mustang’s 48.1MPG. They are really jealous with it for sure. haha oh well we can’t blame them for the competition that lasts for decades.

  (507) posted on 06.27.2010

Lovely looking challenger. I like the way it looks and to be honest, it looks more aggressive than the dodge charger.

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