Could Chevrolet revive the El Camino as a 2011 model? There has been much speculation that the half car-half truck vehicle from the sixties and seventies could make a return to America because Holden, GM’s Australian subsidiary and creator of the new Zeta platform Pontiac G8, successfully markets these vehicles in Australia. “Down under,” such vehicles are very popular and are generically called “utes.”
Speculation that there would be a US “ute” has increased because Holden is about to release a “ute” version of the Holden Commodore, the car on which the Pontiac G8 is based. It is known that Holden’s outgoing managing director has pushed to export the vehicles to America. 
Earlier this year, he was quoted as saying that he had been working on an export arrangement for over a yeara and that “it has a fair likelihood [of happening]. 
In Australia, the Commodore ute is available with a full range of engines, from base V-6 to an ultra performance 362 hp 6.0 liter V-8. 

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