2011 Ford Explorer revealed, or at least parts of it

Here’s a new look at what is possibly the 2011 Ford Explorer. Except that it’s not really the whole car. Actually, it’s more of like a partial vehicle display of what is possibly the 2011 Ford Explorer. So, what if it’s not complete. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Despite it being only a partial display, it’s becoming increasingly clear that, with all the subtle hints this particular display and the 2011 Ford Explorer have in common, this is, indeed, the one. Among the notable characteristics this display has in common with spy shots of the newExplorer we’ve already seen include a nearly identical C-pillar that is found on both the real SUV and this display. In addition to that, Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s Electrical Systems Director, talked about a number of electronic and safety features found on the car, including an electronic parking system, and a new safety restrained "seat bag" system, which Buczkowski said would be included in the new Ford Explorer.


Source: Driven Car Reviews

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  (512) posted on 06.10.2010

I only bring it up because I can’t think of anything else noteworthy about it.

  (702) posted on 06.9.2010

Personally I think it looks great, quite few subtle stylistic cues that gell. Well, check the roofline, I did not notice it right away, very impressive.

  (42) posted on 06.9.2010

well true on your argument buts Ford also has not come out with any good cars in the last few years. I do agree on the Explor tracks I did like it although becasue it was waht you call a out of box SUV.yea sure they cancled a few and pulled them out production. then brought them back still small and yet made us scratching our heads. the only car that FORD got going for them is the Mustang ( yea) that about the only car from for i would put in the collection well make the Shelby GT350 that was put on the market. everything else forget about it

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

Explorer is one of my favorite suv, specially the Explorer sports track. It’s very tough and reliable piece of machine. There’s no doubt the the new explorer can out perform the previous one.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 06.8.2010

TYTAN, ford is the only American Manufacturer not to claim bankruptcy, so they must be doing something right. They’re also the only American company I would ever consider buying. GM is crap every way you look at them. Idk where you get your info from if you think they’re on the way to the top.

Naterade22  (42) posted on 06.8.2010

who cars about this Explor its still a Ford that cant seem to get that buyes are looking for cars and some SUV that produce good gas milage wake up blue oval boys GM is already gotten the picture and on the way to top

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