Porsche seems to be hard at work on their second-generation Cayenne. Although the car received a major facelift last year, Porsche is already looking to have a replacement in showrooms by 2010. As you can predict from this shot, as well as from the renderings last week, the new look should be more about evolution than revolution. The looks may suggest that the new SUV will share more visual traits with its future big-brother Panamera (they also will share the factory at Leipzig, Germany.)

Unlike other car companies who are slowing down the development of SUVs due to fuel concerns, Porsche is looking to get its big car out there while there still are customers. Porsche intends to add diesel and hybrid options to power the new Cayenne. Although these engines are something that it has talked about for years before fuel was worldwide concern, Porsche definitely wants to continue get the word out about the Cayenne’s greener alternatives.

Just like the original, the new Cayenne will share the platform with Volkswagen’s new Touareg. Also just like the original, this Cayenne will beat the VW to the market —Porsche want to debut in the beginning of 2010, while the Touareg will wait until the end of that year. The third SUV based on this platform, the Audi Q7, will likely not have a replacement until 2013 since it was already late to the SUV game.


Source: Leftlane News

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  (520) posted on 07.21.2008

looks good, with out many changes from the present model

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 07.21.2008

If you ever buy a Cayenne, pick it up it from the factory. They have an off road-test track at Leipzig and teach new owners how to use whatever off-road abilities the Cayenne has. Better yet, they don’t use your car to teach you.

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