Hatchbacks may not offer the same kind of thrill as sports cars and muscle cars. They also don’t have the utility of SUVs and pick-ups. Heck, they’re not so much for luxury, either. But at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show, hatchbacks will have their turn in the spotlight as a host of custom-modded hatches will be making their way to Las Vegas.

This list comprises most of the vehicles you’ll see. There are Scions iQs, Ford Fiestas, Ford Focus, and even a Lexus CT200h. Not only are these vehicles modded to the brim, but they also give us an idea on all the possibilities that come with aftermarket works being done on hatches.

The people who think that hatches aren’t cool enough should take a good look at this list and if they don’t change their minds, then they really need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

But for those like us that enjoy modded hatchbacks, this list will tell us all the vehicles we need to look out for at the SEMA Auto Show.

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Scion iQ by Tatsu

2011 Scion iQ MR by Tatsu High Resolution Exterior
- image 422424

The Scion iQ will have four models on display SEMA, one of which is the work done by Tatsu. The overall package isn’t as flashy as the other two iQs, but it does provide the kind of industrial feel and flash-in-the-pan look that normal iQs aren’t really privy too. The G1 Design graphics and the Mavrik Motorsports engine are the noteworthy modifications that have added some spunk to this little hatchback.

Scion iQ by Michael Chang

2011 Scion iQ-RS by Michael Chang High Resolution Exterior
- image 422444

Michael Chang’s work on the Scion iQ is proof that even mild-mannered hatchbacks can be turned into race-spec machines that screams attitude. All it took was help from Evasive Motorsports in decking the iQ with plenty of custom materials, including fender flares, a vented, a Voltex GT wing and trunk mount, a carbon front lip, front splitter, side splitter, a rear diffuser and a Wraptivo Matte White vehicle wrap with custom Red Pin striping, among other things. Mission accomplished, we say.

Scion iQ "Pit Boss Cartel" by Cartel

2011 Scion iQ "Pit Boss Cartel" by Cartel High Resolution Exterior
- image 422430

This Scion iQ by Cartel takes the concept of customizing the hatchback to whole new level. The roof is gone; the doors have been welded shut; and best of all, the interior was dressed up, highlighted by carbon fiber seats in an Orion Grey finish, as well as a new iPad in the front dash, a tire rack and roll cage, an Autonet Mobile WiFi, a 12V and 110V power charging station, and Scosche wiring and Interface modules.

Lexus CT200h by Meguiars

2012 Lexus CT 200h by Meguiars Exterior
- image 422173

The CT200h is one of those cars that we think is still on the cusp of the tuning scene. At SEMA, we’re going to be introduced to a few modded models that will give us an idea on what happens when the forces of aftermarket companies work on the new Lexus hot hatch. Take for example the work done by Meguiars. Using a two-tone paint color featuring a vibrant yellow body paint with a gloss black paint on the bonnet, roof, and pillars of the hatchback - colors that were inspired by Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax product line - Meguiars rocked the customization of the CT200h with some added help from its buddies.

Mazda Turbo 2

Mazda Turbo 2 High Resolution Exterior Drawings
- image 422390

We already said that the Mazda Turbo 2 is the best-looking Mazda 2 we’ve ever seen. Such high-praise isn’t usually given out to cars like this, but for this particular example, we’re giving an exception. After all, what’s not to love with a work that can turn a 2 into a sparkling 10 in our eyes?

Fiat 500 Titanium by Mopar

2012 Fiat 500 Titanium by Mopar Underground Exterior
- image 421873

Welcome to the US market, Fiat 500! What better way to introduce yourself to one of the world’s biggest auto markets than to have your stuff strutted in the world’s biggest aftermarket auto show for all of the world to see? That’s what Mopar Underground is trying to do by bringing two modified 500s - the Titanium and Carbon Editions - to SEMA. We’re not going to spoil a whole lot about the cars, but know that the former has a Matte Titanium finish that highlights the car’s sculpted front fascia. There’s also a satin black fascia insert that has integrated LED fog lamps while the circular projector headlamps are finished in gloss black to complement the titanium finish.

Ford Fiesta by Gold Coast Automotive

2012 Ford Fiesta by Gold Coast Automotive High Resolution Exterior
- image 421562

Gold Coast Automotive has worked on a Ford Fiesta, dressing it up with plenty of new digs, including a 3dCarbon body kit, a SoCal SignWorx graphic wrap, a new fender flare kit, a custom front splitter, and a new APR Performance rear wing. As for the performance mods, the Fiesta was treated with a Jackson Racing Rotrex intercooled supercharger, a Wilwood four-piston front, a two-piston rear brake system, and a new set of Hankook Ventus racing tires.

Ford Fiesta by Aaron Vaccar Signature Series

2012 Ford Fiesta by Aaron Vaccar Signature Series Exterior
- image 421563

As far as first impressions go, the Aaron Vaccar’s customized Fiesta isn’t as flashy as its counterparts but rest assured, it still packs plenty of pop. Aaron Vaccar dressed the Fiesta with a custom BASF bright Silver Matte Metallic paint finish and a new set of 17" Advanti Racing V3 Vago wheels. There’s actually a lot more modifications done it, including the addition of something called the ’Weapon-R Secret Weapon’. We’re not divulging it here because where’s the surprise in that?

Ford Fiesta by M2 Motoring

2012 Ford Fiesta by M2-Motoring Exterior
- image 421707

Now this is what a modded Ford Fiesta should look like. M2 Motoring did plenty of work on it with some help from its friends, the paint finish that combines with a 3dCarbon body kit and upper roof spoiler. Meanwhile, the interior is then treated to an upgraded Jensen Mobile Audio Power sound system and Audiovox flip-down touch-screen monitors, combining form and function that the Fiesta rightfully deserves.

Ford Focus by Cobb Tuning

2012 Ford Focus by Cobb Tuning High Resolution Exterior Drawings
- image 421558

The Ford Focus is one of the hatchbacks that will have a strong delegation in SEMA, one of which is a car that’s being touted as the ’Motorsports Challenger Focus’. The COBB Tuning-modified Focus comes with plenty of mods, most notable of which inlcude a carbon fiber hood, a redesigned front bumper, and a large rear wing on the exterior.

Ford Focus by ID Agency

2012 Ford Focus by The ID Agency High Resolution Exterior
- image 421560

ID Agency is not a big name in the business, but they sure proved that even the part-time customizers have some serious skill. Their work on the Ford Focus was inspired by European and Japanese tuning styles, highlighted by an olive paint finish, a Wraptivo-wrapped roof, a Ford Licensed Accessory Thule bike rack with a Custom Leader bike, a set of Recaro Sportster seats and an interior dressed up by Top Stitch. And we haven’t even gotten into the performance mods...

Ford Focus by Steeda

2012 Ford Focus by Steeda Exterior
- image 421559

As a veteran of Ford tuning since 1979, Steeda knows Ford vehicles like the back of their hands. With all that knowledge and expertise at their disposal, Steeda built a package that includes a 3dCarbon body kit, a G-Track front end brace, underhood billet aluminum-appearance items, and a new set of 19" HRE P43S Monoblock wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05 performance tires, among other things.

Ford Focus by 3D Carbon

2012 Ford Focus by 3dCarbon High Resolution Exterior
- image 421583

3D Carbon is one of the best body-kit builders in the industry and they’re showing off their expertise with this impressive work on the Ford Focus. Among the items of note that were given to the hot hatch, include a 3M satin wrap, smoked windows and race red accents to bring the car’s more edgy side to life. 3D Carbon also added its own body kit, complete with Sticky Fingers racing stripes, an upper roof spoiler, Eibach springs and Pirelli tires offer an aerodynamic and handling boost.

Ford Focus by Bojix Design

2012 Ford Focus by Bojix Design High Resolution Exterior
- image 421561

Yet another fantastic work on the Ford Focus. This one in particular, courtesy of Bojix Design, comes with plenty of upgrades, including an aggressive styling that includes a Bojix body kit, a 3dCarbon upper roof spoiler, a set of 20" Rennen M10 wheels on the exterior. Inside, the changes are also evident, particularly the Katzkin leather seating surfaces and door panels, Alcantara-covered surfaces, and a new Accele rearview mirror that holds a panoramic view.

Ford Focus by Capaldi Racing

2012 Ford Focus by Capaldi Racing High Resolution Exterior
- image 421542

In our humble opinion, Capaldi Racing’s work on all the SEMA-bound Ford Focus models is the best. First of all, it includes Visteon European Focus headlamps with HID and LED technology and Capaldi Racing front splitter and dual-outlet insert. Next to that, it also has a Borla cat-back dual-outlet exhaust, Ford Racing Performance Parts Torsen differential, Green Filter custom intake, AST Sport-Line suspension and Ford Racing Performance Parts-tuned sway bars. Pretty impressive on all fronts, if you ask us.

Ford Focus by ROUSH Performance

2012 Ford Focus by ROUSH Performance High Resolution Exterior
- image 421406

ROUSH Performance knows a thing or two about customizing Ford vehicles. Sure, they’ve done it mostly on Mustangs, but now they’re starting work on the Blue Oval’s resident hot hatch, the Ford Focus The model offers several powertrain upgrades including a Roush R900 TVS supercharger, Roush modified high-flow induction system and Roush dual-exit high- performance exhaust.

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  (501) posted on 01.30.2012

This was the coolest line-up of hatchback. The Scion IQ "Pit Boss Cartel" by Cartel really caught my eye. It is unique that a hatchback has no roof. This cars take the concept of customizing the hatchback to a whole new level.

  (428) posted on 11.17.2011

These hatchbacks are really looking so cool on their platform and style! Even though, they don’t have a powerful engine just like a sports car had, I must say that I’m still impressed on their engine specification.

  (449) posted on 11.7.2011

These hatchbacks may not really like the sports cars, but these cars are also so fun to drive! I admit either that they are looking very cool and awesome on their platforms and other features.

  (762) posted on 11.3.2011

Wow! These hatchbacks are absolutely look very cool on their looks! The writer is right, and I must say that I’ve truly changed my mind on my first impression on these cars, which is not really so striking for me at first.

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