Road trips in an Outback have just gotten that much better. Subaru announced today that the 2011 Outback model will be offered with Wi-Fi connectivity that will give internet access to 10 or more users for up to 150 feet around the vehicle.

This Wi-Fi connectivity operates in a 3G network and works with all Wi-Fi enabled devices. The connection is encrypted making it a completely safe way to enjoy the world of he Internet right from your car at speeds averaging 400kbps-1.2mbps. And no, the driver isn’t supposed to be the one utilizing this capability. Hands on 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock guys. This connection is to be enjoyed by passengers only.

So take out those laptops, netbooks, smart phones, game controllers, or even the iPad and iPod Touch models and go nuts surfing the web, listening to Internet radio, or simply checking your email. The world will be at your fingertips while your butt is firmly planted in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. Ahhh, technology.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Subaru of America announced today that it is now offering Wi-Fi connectivity for the award-winning 2011 Outback crossover SUV model. The new Subaru Mobile Internet system creates a Wi-Fi hotspot inside the Outback giving internet access to 10 or more users for up to 150 feet around the vehicle.

The Subaru Outback redefined the SUV, and offering Wi-Fi connectivity further expands this versatile vehicle’s capability. Operating on the 3G network and working with all Wi-Fi enabled devices, Subaru Mobile Internet provides users a safe, fully encrypted connection with download speeds averaging 400kbps-1.2mbps. This uninterrupted Wi-Fi capability is designed for passenger access while the Outback is in motion.

Subaru Mobile Internet easily allows users to check email, surf the web or listen to Internet radio and even stream video and post to social networking sites. Outback passengers can check weather and traffic, download hiking trails, and even reserve a campsite while they’re on the road. Multiple passengers can simultaneously use the Wi-Fi connection for their separate devices, including Wi-Fi capable laptop computers, netbooks, smart phones, game controllers, plus the new iPad® and iPod® Touch models.

Subaru Mobile Internet technology is provided by Autonet Mobile, the world’s first in-car Internet service provider. The Wi-Fi service can be added as a port or dealer-installed accessory to any 2011 Subaru Outback for an MSRP of $499, plus a $35 activation fee. A one-year subscription at $29 per month is required, and Subaru is including the first three months of service for free. Comprehensive user support is included through joint Subaru and Autonet Mobile customer service resources. Subaru Mobile Internet is a Genuine Subaru Accessory and is covered under the Subaru of America warranty.

Starting at an MSRP of $22,995, the 2011 Subaru Outback is offered in a wide range of four- and six-cylinder models. The Outback is smart-sized compared to other two-row crossover vehicles, featuring a mid-size interior in an easy-to-maneuver and off-road capable wagon body. Equipped with the Lineartronic™ CVT (continuously variable transmission), the 2011 Outback is rated at 29 MPG in highway driving.

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  (798) posted on 09.9.2010

nice another hackable network on the road.

  (939) posted on 09.5.2010

Roving rolling on-the-go Wi-Fi connection, any one? Haha.

  (647) posted on 07.20.2010

Subaru really knows how to entertain his passenger. For sure with this WI-FI you will not be bored in traveling especially when the trip is too long . But of course don’t let the driver access the net while driving that would be fatal, just kidding.

  (807) posted on 07.20.2010

Well for one an iPad would be for 1 person and can’t share a connection for 10 or more people this is actually because most 3G anywhere service cost more an u can only use it on 1 device at a time. plus if ur on a trip u can dl an watch or listen to whatever u want including torrents

  (708) posted on 07.19.2010

More bigger, more aggressive! and its even contain more technology, well that was too impressive, I like that to be part of everyone while on the road, pretty cool. Perfectly for a road trip...

  (515) posted on 07.18.2010

cool, now you can use your laptop anywhere and anytime, even inside your car. well i hope this wont distruct the driver.

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