Seeing as the new 2011 Suzuki Swift is going to be built in the company’s plant in Esztergom, Hungary, it would seem pretty obvious that the first set of completely undisguised photos of the company’s new hatchback would be taken in that part of the world.

Well, it took longer than any of us expected, but somebody finally spotted the new Swift in all its glory - well, in all it’s rear glory, to be exact. A driver was able to see a number of Suzuki Swifts being carried around on a vehicle transporter and had the instinct to snap up a few photos of Suzuki’s new hatchback minus all the camouflaging. Granted, he was only able to take photos of the rear of the car, but it’s still better than most of what we’ve seen of the car so far.

Specifics surrounding the new Swift are still being withheld until after Suzuki officially releases the first batch of official photos and specs of the new car, which, fortunately, will happen on Thursday, June 10. In the meantime, these photos should be enough for us, at least until Thursday.


Source: Total Car

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  (592) posted on 12.20.2010

well there is no use of covering it anymore, because it’s already 4 years since they officially release it over the market.

  (512) posted on 06.10.2010

Mini Cooper roof? Are you referring to the white transport film above the rear window and on the roof? This film is taken off in pre-delivery and is only there to protect the paint while in transit from factory to showroom.

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