BMW will unveil the next generation 3-Series in 2012. The next generation 3-series will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, so the styling reflects the current cues, which includes the CS concept.


Source: BMW Blog

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  (68) posted on 06.27.2008

what? your entitled to your opinion neducati but i cant believe you think the e90 series are ugly. the e46 was good looking but the current one is even better looking. oh well, we cant all agree on one thing cant we?
i owned several bimmers before too and i gotta say the current 3 is the best! as for bangle, well im kinda neutral on the guy with his designs. i love some and hates some of it.

  (520) posted on 06.26.2008

that looks good! i hope that will be the shape of the new 3-Series.

  (2) posted on 06.26.2008

No offense timdog595, but I think this concept design is hideous. If they built one like that, I guaranty I would NOT buy one. I’ve had several BMWs, and I think the last time they made an attractive 3-series sedan was the e46 series before Chris Bangle screwed up the entire look of the BMWs. The current 3-series coupe is a beautiful car, but IMO the current sedan is just blah.

  (68) posted on 06.26.2008

now this is an awesome design! you better make the next 3 series look like this bmw or i ain’t buying one!

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