The German automaker has already began working on the next generation BMW 3-Series model that is set to be released sometime in 2012. Aside from the regular body styles, the big news is that the next 3-Series will also be available as a GT. This more spacious vehicle will be slated into the lineup below the 5 Series GT and just above the upcoming 1-Series GT.

The exterior of the entry level GT will be inspired by both the BMW X6 as well as the all new 7-Series. The front end will receive a wider grill while the rear will feature a larger version of the classic L shaped taillights. Both the coupe and convertible will feature designs unique from the traditional sedan and station wagon, thanks to some reshaped lighting and some sculpted body work. The new GT will be less of a niche vehicle than the BMW 5-Series GT and will offer a sporty alternative to the BMW X3 CUV.

The luxury automaker will also incorporate the very latest in Efficient Dynamic Technology; for the fuel conscious there will be an active hybrid model powered by a range extending 3 cylinder engine combined with an electric motor as well as a set of low rolling resistance tires. Even the wheels will be aerodynamically designed so that they do not create excessive drag. Like the hybrid 2010 Toyota Prius, BMW will incorporate a solar panel on the roof to power interior accessories causing less of a drain on the battery. It looks like if you enjoyed the current 3-Series, you will love the next generation model because BMW is now offering something for everyone.


Source: BMW Blog

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