Things happen fast in the world of super cars; a hot item today is tomorrow’s old news. That is why the German luxury car maker, BMW is already preparing their next generation factory tuned super saloon, the M5. The next generation sports sedan will feature a more muscular design, consisting of a wider body and some extremely aggressive new lines.

In these fossil fuel conserving times BMW will drop the high revving V10 in favor of a twin-turbo V8, similar to the setup found under the hood of the X5 M and X6 M, but don’t expect it to make anything less than the 500 HP of the current M5. For 2012 the boosted M5 should make over 550 HP, that is if they want to stay competitive with their German rival, the 572 HP Audi RS6.


Source: BMW Blog

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.30.2009

I agree ak 47

who is the designer is it bangle or karim or another person it looks similar to karems design of the 7 series

BMWM6  (1024) posted on 05.30.2009

I would prefer the V10. Nothing can beat a high revving engine, especially the exhaust note.

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