Even though the autobahn is one of the most technologically-advanced highway systems in the world, the lack of speed limits do present a few problems. There are some unwritten rules in regards to the autobahn as drivers pushing their cars generally keep to the inside lane and leave their left indicators on as a warning to upcoming cars to move aside.

Just like any other highway system, accidents always occur and the latest involved a 2012 BMW M5 being driven at speeds in excess of 186. Reports claim that the crash occurred after the 60-year-old driver swerved to avoid a car which merged into his lane erratically, before spearing into the central divider, sliding across the road and flipping multiple times before coming to a rest on the grass bordering the road.

It’s unclear just how fast the M5 was travelling at the time of the crash, but based on the following pictures, the crash must have been fairly violent. Furthermore, when the car came to a rest the engine bay caught fire, but thankfully the driver’s sons were able to put out the blaze, who were following the M5 in an M6 and M3.

Thankfully all the passengers involved, including a dog, managed to escape the crash without serious injury but the M5 is definitely a write-off which is a real shame.

Source: Motor Authority

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