There is nothing quite like a good old American muscle car. They might not be technical innovations or packed with goodies, but for tire smoking fun and straight-line performance, nothing can compare.

Today, our friends over at PistonSpy have spotted the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 taking a few low speed laps on a wet Nurburgring circuit. Sadly, that wet racing surface prevented the drivers from taking the Z28 to the edge, but we hope that day will come soon. Nothing makes us happier than hearing the wonderful roar from a massive V8 motor.

PistonSpy said that as the Z28 cornered through Pflantzgarten, it looked like it planted just like the Corvette ZR-1. That being said, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, as it was wet and the car wasn’t traveling at a high rate of speed.

Under the hood of the newest Camaro will be a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 and it should be able to compete right along side the Ford Mustang GT500.


Source: PistonSpy

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  (745) posted on 11.22.2010

Looks good but I want to see a rear spoiler on it!

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