The first details about the upcoming 2012 Honda Civic have already started to circulate online. Honda’s most popular model will be offered in three different configurations, intended for three distinct automotive markets. The majority of European drivers are more concerned about finding a parking space than hauling a boat to the lake, so for them Honda is producing the hatchback. Americans aren’t so much worried about the size of their vehicle, but looking good in it is a must, so the Japanese automaker will give us the same coupe that we have been enjoying for years. Because the Japanese market is just as concerned about looking good as the Americans, and their streets are as cramped as in Europe, Honda is making something in between the traditional two box hatch and three box sedan for their domestic market.

Honda will also be bringing back the Civic Hybrid for 2012, this time powered by a 1.5 Liter engine combined to an electric motor. The next generation Civic Hybrid will come with all the features that made it a hit when it debuted, but over the next three years, Honda will come up with even more gas saving features. On the other hand, what we do know is that Honda’s CR-Z will also receive a 1.5 Liter four cylinder mated to either a CVT or a traditional six speed manual transmission. The CR-Z’s official debut will come this October at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and should be in showrooms as early as 2010.


Source: Vtec

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  (1022) posted on 02.16.2010

oh well that looks interesting, they’ve lifted higher the tail lights, IMO installing a Rear Spoiler will make this baby more aggressive and a 2.0L DOHC engine will do. or should i say Hybrid.

  (177) posted on 05.27.2009

Economists are seeing a possible economic upswing by 2012. No wonder many car companies are postponing the releases of their new cars by then. But there are some who are saying that the financial crisis might stay a little more longer. I hope that what ever happen by then, Honda wouldn’t postpone the new Civic. Because I’m sure that by now, people are saving money to bring that beauty in their very own garage. One of them, is me.

  (182) posted on 05.27.2009

Honda Civic is the second largest running nameplate from a Japanese manufacturer in America from 1972 until the present time. On the other hand, Honda has been the top-selling car in Canada for eleven straight years as of 2008. I’m sure that this data would be a nice piece of information to everyone who are looking forward to what the Japanese manufacturer has in stored for them.

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