2012 Mercedes SLK spied at Nurburgring

2012 Mercedes SLK spied at Nurburgring
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The German luxury automaker, Mercedes Benz, has recently been spotted running laps around the Nurburgring in what appears to be the next generation SLK roadster heavily clad in automotive camouflage. With BMW coming out with the new Z4 roadster, it is very likely that the tri star company is ready to defend their position in the fun to drive small car segment with a new drop top SLK. The Mercedes Benz test engineers do an excellent job of disguising the SLK’s lines with the large panel over the hood amongst other tricks. The front end is much more squared off than the production model will be, as you can see by the driving lights hidden behind the holes in the faux front bumper.

Under the hood Mercedes will use their naturally aspirated gas burning V6 engine along with a range of smaller displacement turbocharged units. There are also rumors about a diesel engine to be used for the first time in the small runabout. Gone is the oversized hand built V8 and instead the AMG version will be powered by a 3.5 Liter twin turbo V6 that will put out somewhere around 470 HP.

This compact sports car ushered in the era of the hard top convertible, so what does Mercedes Benz have planned for the next generation of the SLK roadster? While we are still just speculating about the future equipment, it is not hard to dream about a fuel efficient green sports car derived from the lightweight open air two seat roadster. If diesel is becoming a possibility as an alternative fuel, it can’t be long before the German automaker begins playing around with electric propulsion.


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  (177) posted on 07.16.2009

I may not be a big fan of the Mercedes SLK, but I could say that I was able to follow its improvement for every generation that it was able to come out. I would say that I noticed how the headlights got bigger and bigger over the years. Its sad that the spy photo was not able to give me a glimpse if the front lights now reach up to the wind shield. kidding aside, mercedes slk has been a pioneer with their design. I’m sure that this new one, whatever is inside it, would be able to surprise everyone else including Topspeed.

  (182) posted on 07.16.2009

i was so happy with how the previous model looked like. in fact i had the chance to ride one and i love its performance. hope they would make the next generation better. i totally prefer this car than its competitors BMW z3 or the Porshe boxster.

  (182) posted on 07.16.2009

Twenty years back in time, it would almost be impossible to imagine a dieself run luxury or sports coupe. But now, you see them everywhere. And yes, mike100 and reneered, we have car companies to thank to for improving diesel fuels. They are greener than petrol and cheaper too. Since Mercedes seems to be experimenting with greener car products, I hope they would take a few steps forward and invest in a more greener technology. cheers to mercedes!

  (183) posted on 07.16.2009

If Mercedes is really planning to put a diesel powered engine in this beauty, then this car, in hope that the owner cares about climate change, will definitely become greener because biodiesel works well with the existing car engines that are powered with the traditional diesel fuel. The advent of alternative fuel sources-and food-based diesel fuels are now being produced quicker and cheaper. So aside from saving mother earth, you get to save a few dimes for your pocket as well.

  (180) posted on 07.16.2009

Diesel have always been conceived as dirty, which is in fact true. I’ve read that diesel contributes 15% more emissions than petrol. But since diesel is more efficient, one would realize that diesel would eventually produce less emissions because it uses 30% less fuel. Thanks of course to car companies’ efforts to improve cleanliness of diesel fuel.

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