Nissan completely redesigned the Skyline model when they introduced the GT350 back in 2001. Gone was the classic boxy shape of the 1990s models which gave way to a 350Z inspired curvilinear Infiniti G35. The luxury car was well appointed and like all of Nissan’s VQ35 powered vehicles, the new Skyline had an exhaust note to die for. The next update for the R35 Skyline came in 2006 when Nissan’s engineers sharpened up the design and bumped displacement up to 3.7 Liters for the world renowned V6 engine. Although the current Infiniti G37 is still a very attractive sports car, the now classic two swoop shape is due for a major update in preparation for the 2012 model year.

When the Japanese automaker unveiled the Infiniti Essence concept car at the Geneva motor Show, they were laying out the floor plan for their future model lineup both aesthetically and mechanically. So with no better inspiration for the future Skyline in sight, it would appear that the new Nissan Skyline could be the first production model to speak the Essence concept’s design language. However it is not expected to adopt the working show car’s hybrid drive train. Instead the 2012 Skyline will feature a 3.7 literV6 to produce a total of around 450 HP. However we won’t find out any time soon because Nissan is rumored to be preparing a Skyline Coupe prototype for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with a production version slated to go on sale in the 3rd quarter of 2012.


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  (798) posted on 02.9.2010

so nissan have finally separated the GT-R to the Skyline? well the new skyline looks promising.. can’t wait for it’s prototype.

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.28.2009

Yeah, 450hp won’t happen. If the engine does indeed recieve direct injection, it will have around 20 more horsepower.

AK47  (4) posted on 10.27.2009


Bull .

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.23.2009

It will have a directed injected version of the VQ37.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 10.20.2009

Theyre sure to pack this with a nice engine

Naterade22  (68) posted on 10.20.2009

It needs a longer,lower,FUNCTIONAL shark-like snout.

Naterade22  (68) posted on 10.20.2009

Now that would be awesome. I just hope that the grille is in a more harmonious accord to the swoopy curvature design of the rest of the car. Can we see a wider track, and 5-spoke wheels?

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.20.2009

The G37 is one of the most attractive coupes I have seen.

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