Some may consider Red Bull’s Formula One race cars some of the ugliest race cars out there, but no one can deny their abilities. Last year, Red Bull pulled in 12 wins, 27 podiums, and 18 pole positions. They may not be the prettiest, but they deliver, as will the RB7’s successor, the RB8.

The Red Bull RB8 is the continuation of the RB7, but modified to obey the new FIA regulations. The company has only provided a few details for the new racer, such as the addition of a new nose and an updated rear end. The chassis benefits from further aerodynamic refinements and we’re assuming the engine has been tweaked here and there as well.

"The restriction nose height which is a maximum height just in front of the front bulkhead hasn’t really changed the chassis shape very much. We’ve kept more or less the same chassis shape, but had to drop the nose just in front of the front bulkhead. The exhaust allowed us to run a high rear ride height, it’s much more difficult without that to sustain a high rear height so we have to go back down and have to redevelop the car around that lower ride height," said Adrian Newey.


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  (447) posted on 02.22.2012

I would definitely agree on the statement that it was not that impressive on the exterior, but it was a truly successor. I hope that now they have achieve some titles and won matches. Moreover, they are able to improve the designs and skins of this race-car.

  (287) posted on 02.14.2012

Wow! It feels like the name of an energy drink. Anyways, I love the creative art of this model as well as the stickers on it. The color combination of the body paint captivates my attention easily.

  (594) posted on 02.10.2012

I don’t agree with some people who say that Red Bull’s Formula Race cars are the ugliest race cars. I found this one attractive, and the design was great. The performance given by the race cars made by Red Bull is undeniably amazing.

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