We are anxiously awaiting the release of the 2013 VW Beetle Convertible and those at Vee-Dub-Ya are being really stingy with the images and information. Well our friends over at Jalopnik managed to get a hold of some images of the new VW convertible rocking a killer disguise [dripping with sarcasm].

VW thought it could fool everyone by taking stickers, in the same shape as the previous generation VW Beetle convertible, and slapping them over the revised taillights on the 2013 Beetle convertible mule. Anyone that has ever frequented a “Gentleman’s Club” in a conservative city, county, or state knows, sticking pasties over the goodies does not really eliminate your ability to imagine what’s under them.

This is doubly true when you make the stickers so thin that the goodies show through – a trick often undertaken at said gentleman’s clubs and obviously at VW too. Someone behind this new Beetle caught it just as the taillights came on and snapped a shot of the new lights shining through in all of their glory.

What makes matters worse is in order to mimic the old New Beetle convertible’s backside a little more, Vee-Dub added in some extra tasteful stickers on the bottom of the rear fascia. One happens to have a gigantic air bubble in it and the other one is pretty crooked. By the way, VW, the last-gen Beetle convertible didn’t have dual exhaust.

Are we sure these are the same people that duped the German government out of its tax money and discreetly slid Ducati under Lamborghini’s ownership? Not too slick there, fellas.

Thanks for the “LOLs” VW, we needed that one.


Source: Jalopnik

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cupler1981  (49) posted on 12.6.2012

For those that are confused, Volkswagen was testing the new Beetle with replicas of the old convertible’s taillights stuck over the new Beetle’s taillights in an attempt to prevent us from realizing it was actually the 2013 Beetle convertible.

Well, once the driver hit the brakes, the real taillights shined through and they are obviously the new — 2013 — style taillights.

Plus the bottom stickers are there to mimic the older lower lights, but they aren’t centered and one is nearly falling off.

That is the "Fail" and the humor behind this all smiley

cupler1981  (28) posted on 09.28.2012

When they released the pictures, I already knew that there is a car that looks the same as this.

cupler1981  (100) posted on 09.27.2012

I don’t know if I will laugh on this news or I will just get angry.

cupler1981  (116) posted on 09.26.2012

HAHA ! They thought they will tricked me?! I knew it from the start.

cupler1981  (105) posted on 09.24.2012

NO worries about it. I didn’t really pay attention on this thing.

cupler1981  (86) posted on 09.21.2012

I agree. It’s kinda FAIL.

cupler1981  (779) posted on 09.20.2012

Haha. I actually laugh when I saw this and I shouted,“Wow, I’ve been fooledI”

cupler1981  (701) posted on 09.19.2012

I’m also confused about this picture. I dunno what’s the word FAIL on the picture stands for?

cupler1981  (34) posted on 09.19.2012

Wow. I am now doubting whether I am going to buy it or not.

cupler1981  (38) posted on 09.18.2012

The one who released this pictures are good. Good in editing smiley.

cupler1981  (71) posted on 09.18.2012

When I first saw it , I thought I already saw this kind of car. I even thought that VW is somehow copying other concepts.

cupler1981  (344) posted on 09.17.2012

I really hate the person who bring this up on the internet.

cupler1981  (780) posted on 09.17.2012

They shouldn’t did that. They fooled not only me but all the people who are really anticipating to this car.

cupler1981  (517) posted on 09.16.2012

Now those anxious about the release of this model will be thinking it thoroughly if they will still buy this car.

cupler1981  (484) posted on 09.16.2012

Wow. I really thought that this is really the picture of the new Beetle convertible. I was fooled.

cupler1981  (797) posted on 09.16.2012

They should be more careful in editing pictures. HAHA smiley

cupler1981  (410) posted on 09.13.2012

Yeah right, they failed on fooling us.

cupler1981  (287) posted on 09.12.2012

So if the taillights were only stick on. I’m hoping that they will have just a good figure on its rear.

cupler1981  (745) posted on 09.12.2012

On what part did they fail? Sorry I didn’t know.

cupler1981  (384) posted on 09.11.2012

Yeah there were no dual exhaust this time. What happened to y’all?

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