It’s been a while since we’ve heard rumors about a Jaguar SUV. While the likelihood of a luxury SUV getting a green light in this market is slim, we couldn’t resist passing on a rendering from Global Motors of what basically looks like what would happen if a Jaguar XF and a Subaru Tribeca had a love child.

Then again, Jaguar is in a good position to bring a SUV or crossover to its lineup. Because Jaguar and Land Rover are under the same umbrella of the corporate parent Tata, slapping a few new panels and a mean cat badge on a Land Rover would be an easy fix (they already share a diesel engine.)

It’s more likely that Tata will not make a Jag SUV because it would cannibalize sales from Land Rover. Instead, to the delight of Jaguar purists everywhere, most of the talk coming from the Jaguar seems to peg the future on sports coupes and roadsters. If Tata keeps the two separate, then Land Rover would have a similar situation to what it had in the 60s and 70s with Rover cars. Back then it two brands under the same company providing complementary, not competing, product lines.


Source: GlobalMotors

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