First launched in 1996, the Jaguar XK Series will enter its third generation in 2013 (the first one, the X100, was sold between 1996 to 2006 and the second one, the X150, beginning in 2006).

According to AutoCar, the third generation XK will be built on a new lightweight aluminium-alloy chassis and will have on its sight the BMW 6-Series with the hopes of pouncing on its German counterpart.

The 2013 Jaguar XK will be offered with a new V6 diesel engine that delivers a total of 300 hp with the same level of torque as a V8 engine.

Since the design of the current generation XK didn’t have the overwhelmingly glowing support Jaguar was expecting, the brand decided to re-invent the next-generation car by taking some styling cues - yet keeping some unique characteristics of its own - from the current Jaguar XF model.

The 2013 XK will be offered in a coupe and a convertible version, the latter still being a soft-top roof model. The company’s main concern with the new generation XK will be to go from the current 10,000 to 12,000 units a year.


Source: AutoCar

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  (474) posted on 03.4.2011

The 2011 Jaguar XKR Convertible is one of our favorite drop-tops here at High Gear Media, and for good reason. e XK is a highly polished take on the classic muscle car theme;

V8 out front under the long hood, low slung body and bad exhaust note.

  (570) posted on 03.2.2011

The XK is unabashedly about driving pleasure.
While it may not storm as hard as its classmates, the limits of the XK’s impressively stiff chassis are far out of the realm where most would feel comfortable, especially considering the $85,000 price.

  (708) posted on 04.4.2010

I actually miss the part where I can see the emblem glowing and sparkling with the lights,

  (534) posted on 03.23.2010

Err, a diesel in there would be sweet. Jaguar’s AJV8 engines have always been great at producing torque straight off the floor, a diesel will be that much more aggressive. I can’t wait to see how they tweak the diesel for the XK.

  (612) posted on 03.22.2010

Even in these one Jaguar stands out. Only Porsche Have the right to pose beside this one.

  (544) posted on 02.24.2010

isn’t that a little bit early to render a 2013 model car?

  (780) posted on 02.23.2010

Cool and dashing. But I’m actually missing the famous emblem.

  (518) posted on 02.21.2010

Hopefully, it will be a little lighter than the current one.
I like the idea of a powerful diesel engine in this wonderful GT. We rented a BMW 6 series diesel when we were on holiday last year, and is was just great.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 02.20.2010

The aston Martin comment was made to the general appearance of the car. Of course this thing would have nothing on a DB9

Uncia  (868) posted on 02.19.2010

Well, at least no competition as far as 4-seat luxo coupes are concerned.

Uncia  (868) posted on 02.19.2010

Aston Martin? I wouldn’t rate this car that high. Performance, comfort, style and reliability all taken into account, the DB9 has no competition.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 02.19.2010

Can you say Aston Martin?

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